DIY Roof Replacement VS Professional Roofing Replacement

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  Many homeowners are often faced with the debate on whether they should complete their own roofing replacement by ordering shingles and doing it themselves or by going with a professional roofing contractor. It's very tempting to go with the DIY route especially when you see the cost of a roofing contractor versus the

How to Know Whether to Repair Patch or Replace your Roof

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Understanding if it's time to patch your roof or completely replace your roof is not an easy decision especially if you are still fairly inexperienced with roofing structures and how they keep your home together. As a roof stands as one of the most important pieces in any home you need to be able


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Roofs are the structures used for covering the surface of a building. They can range from asphalt shingles to the aluminum sheets, and the wood shakes, etc. Here are six signs that you need a new roof! POOR LOOK OF SHINGLES Shingles are individual components used for roof covering. Shingles range from asphalt, premium

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