Factors That Affect Your Roofs Lifespan

No roofing material is designed to last for an infinite amount of time. Even a roof that has been installed by a skilled contractor with the best material available today, will wear out over time. Working with professional roofing contractors for your commercial or residential property will make sure that you can improve the life span of your roofing systems. Here are some of the top nine factors that affect your roofs lifespan.

Roofing materials:

Older style roofing materials like asphalt shingles can offer an unprecedented value and a stylish look. Installing asphalt shingles can be a popular choice for many people across the United States and its often a standard choice in many new homes. Asphalt shingles are not as durable as other roofing materials such as metal roofs. The lifespan of the metal roof is often 2 to 3 times the lifespan of traditional asphalt shingles. Choosing the right roofing materials and investing a bit more upfront could give you access to a longer life span from your roofing systems.

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The elements and weather:

The climate that you live in and the type of weather that you receive over time can often change the way that your roofing materials age. If you live in an area that regularly experiences strong winds or heavy storms, there’s a chance that your roofing materials will likely age at a faster rate. Consistent storm damage and weather will significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof is possible that you may require a roof inspection after each major storm in your area to protect your roofing materials. This is one of several factors that affect your roofs lifespan.

The pitch and design of your roof:

The slope and design of your roof changes the way that it manages water. A roof that’s designed with an excellent sloping system will make sure that water does not have the chance to pool on top of roofing materials. Choosing a flat roofing system or low slope roofs often requires regular replacement on roofing materials or specialty roofing materials in order to manage water flow. 

Roofing ventilation:

Ventilation systems within your roof can often change the way that roofing materials wear. Having poor insulation in your attic can often make the temperature of your roofing materials heat up in warmer conditions. Having access to better insulation can help to regulate the temperature inside your home and make sure that your roofing materials can wear in a more predictable pattern over time.

Exposure to sunlight:

Apart from weather damage, sunlight is one of the largest factors in roofing material damages. When a roofing material is colored in a darker pattern, this allows it to absorb more sunlight and this can speed up the degradation of those roofing materials in a considerable way. Certain types of roof material coatings are designed to reduce UV exposure on roofing materials and improve their wear pattern. It’s often possible to get darker colors or choose specialty roofing materials that reflect UV radiation in new roofing products. Choosing cool roof systems can often be one of the best ways to prevent wear on your roof and to maximize energy efficiency. 

Poor installation:

The quality of workmanship with your roofing materials will often dictate the overall life span of your roof. If roofing materials are installed incorrectly this can often cause leaks and other forms of failures in roofing systems early on. Working with a professional roofer can be a wise choice to the prevention of defects. Rather than having to manage a premature replacement on your roofing systems, getting a professional to install your roofing systems can be a wise way that you can forgo duties in early repairs to your roof.

Ongoing maintenance:

If you are not performing ongoing maintenance to your roofing system, this can sometimes be the cause of major repairs. Checking in on your roof regularly means watching for the signs of mold, water pooling and more. If you forgo maintenance like clearing out your gutters, clearing off roofing debris or getting a roof inspection after a storm, you could void any warranty on your roofing systems or negate the chance that you could file an insurance claim for any emergency roof repairs.

The age of your roofing materials:

One weak point in your roof from a section of the roof that is aging is all that is required to degrade the rest of your roofing materials. If you have a structure of a roof that has aged or a section of your roofing tiles that are older than the rest, this can create a weak point in your roof. Considering the age of your roof is always important if you are considering a roofing inspection. If you have shingles that are older than 10 years or metal roofing tiles that have not been inspected in over 25 years, it is a wise choice to consider contacting a professional roofer today to assess your needs.a New Roof

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