Myths About Roof Cleaning

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Myths About Roof Cleaning The process of roof cleaning is often considered part of regular roof maintenance. Professional roof cleaning services are sometimes carried out by a roofing professional. There are a number of top myths that surround the idea of roof cleaning. If you have been avoiding the chance to clean your roof or

9 Factors That Affect Your Roofs Lifespan

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Factors That Affect Your Roofs Lifespan No roofing material is designed to last for an infinite amount of time. Even a roof that has been installed by a skilled contractor with the best material available today, will wear out over time. Working with professional roofing contractors for your commercial or residential property will make sure

Replacing Your Roof: Roofing Trends

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Roofing Trends To Consider When You Are Planning On Roof Replacement If you are looking into replacing your roof one of the main factors that you should consider for your roofing structure is resale. A new roof can increase the curb appeal of your home. By using training roofing materials your home can quickly become

Spring Roof Maintenance & Repair Guide

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Spring has arrived, and spring roof maintenance is of massive importance! Although April showers are said to bring May flowers, they can also cause damage to your roof’s shingles. This could add to the roof’s wear and tear after winter’s brutality. This is why it’s a good time to inspect your roof for winter damage

Company Roofing Tips For Facility Managers

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The roof is an essential component of commercial properties. Facility managers need to ensure that their roof is maintained regularly to avoid costly repairs and minimize potential problems. You should be a facility manager and understand the company roofing maintenance procedures you need to do to maintain your roof’s health and extend its lifespan. Let’s

Hurricane Proof Your Roof

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What does it mean when news agencies report that a massive category 5 hurricane is developing near coastal waters? A Category 1 hurricane must maintain a minimum wind speed at 74 mph. The intensity of a hurricane rises as it becomes more severe. Category 5 hurricanes are the strongest possible classification with winds exceeding 156

Should I Replace The Roof Before Selling?

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You might be thinking of selling your home and wondering if it would make sense to have your roof replaced before you sell it. The roof is the most important thing home buyers will look at when looking for homes. Curled or cracked roofs can turn away potential buyers. If you don’t want to sell

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