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Roofers Clearwater FLWith many years of experience, Reggie Reed Roofing company is specialized in roofing work. Located in Clearwater Florida, Reggie Reed Roofing company professionals intervene quickly to meet your needs in terms of renovation and construction of roofing, framework, and insulation. Looking for roofers in Clearwater FL? Look No further than Reggie Reed Roofing.

Roofing With Reggie Reed

Reggie Reed Roofing company offers you impeccable work made to measure according to your wishes and respecting the tradition of roofing craftsmen. Focusing on quality materials, Reggie Reed Roofing company only works with recognized product suppliers, thus guaranteeing you optimal results.

Dynamic and efficient, we respond quickly to your requests. Each quote is made after a visit to your home and we make it a point of honor to meet the deadlines set. Finally, for your comfort and ours, we are committed to cleaning the site every day. Your satisfaction is our best business card.

In order to satisfy you as well as possible and especially for your well-being in your living space, we offer you comprehensive services, for all roofing work. Whether it is complete coverage or cleaning your roof, we take care of all the necessary work from A to Z, with professionalism.

We will use various materials that are suitable for your home and its architectural style. Our experienced professionals provide the best possible coverage to help you lower your energy consumption.

Our Services

  • Roof installation. Installation of a new roof on a new building, a house extension, an addition of a garage, etc. 
  • Roof replacement. Since there are more roofs reaching the end of their life than new constructions, we replace damaged roofs. The most frequent roof repairs are the replacement of asphalt shingle roofs and flat elastomeric membrane roofs. 
  • Roof ventilation. We make sure your roof has proper ventilation so it takes cool year-round and no moisture can build up. 
  • Roof inspection. We also carry out roof inspection in Clearwater, to produce a detailed report on the quality of the roofing work or provide the expertise to solve complex problems by performing a non-destructive analysis using instruments or by exploring sections.
  • Roof repair. If the problem is localized, when a roof shows signs of aging, it is often time to replace your Clearwater roof. If you have a local problem, we step in and do a roof repair, to avoid a complete repair.

Are you looking for a roofer specializing in roofing work?

Reggie Reed Roofing company specializes in the repair and construction of roofs in Clearwater Florida. We are able to renovate all types of roofs, tiled, or slate roofs. We can take care of small jobs such as cleaning roofs or changing tiles as well as a complete renovation of roofs.

To better respond to your requests, Reggie Reed Roofing company is made up of a team of qualified and experienced roofers perfectly mastering the various installation techniques and new materials in framing and roofing in Clearwater, Florida. Contact us today to get a quote!

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