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Roofers St Petersburg FlA good looking roof is one of the best ways to complete the general beauty of a house. When you’re in desperate need of a repair, you need trustworthy roofers in St Petersburg FL to meet your needs. DIY’ing your roof in St Pete FL yourself can come with certain disadvantages such as risking physical danger, and wasting money on things you probably wouldn’t need.

You might think that servicing your own roof will save you money, but sooner or later you’ll need a professional who is trained and has been exposed to all kinds of roof repairs, roofing installations in St Petersburg FL. Reggie Reed Roofing knows for certain what your roof needs If it’s either a minor or major issue and if you need a new roof in St Pete or just a quick fix.

Why Not DIY For Your Roofing Project?

There are various risks involved with DIY roofing work. Here are some of the more significant ones:

Personal Injuries: Roof work can be hazardous, with falls from ladders or the roof itself leading to serious injuries or even fatalities. Professional roofing contractors have the training and safety protocols in place to work safely at height; undertaking this work yourself without appropriate training and safety protocols can be risky.

Improper Installation: Roof installation requires skill and expertise; mistakes during this process can result in leaks, structural damage and other issues. If not installed correctly, your roof may fail to perform as it was meant, leading to costly repairs down the line.

Warranty Issues: Most roofing materials come with warranties covering defects or damage; however, these could become null and void if installed without professional supervision by an unqualified roofing contractor.

Time and Costs: Roof replacement can be both time-consuming and physically demanding, taking longer than planned without sufficient knowledge or equipment to get done. Furthermore, additional expenses such as buying tools may arise due to improper setup.

Overall, the risks associated with DIY roofing jobs may outweigh any cost savings; in most cases, professional contractors possessing all of the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to complete them are preferable.

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From the initial inspection to fulfilling the basic requirements and finally to providing a free estimate for your entire project, we are always happy to help. We are here to assist you with all your roofing needs. At Reggie Reed Roofing we aim to deliver above and beyond service and a job that’s sure to last for many years. Contact us today, and we will send over a roofing expert to help you with any of your roofing projects. We hold our 4.6 rating on Google as a very high standard with our clients praising our work. Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

“Reggie was fair on roof replacement. Cleaned up afterwards and was professional.” – Gintow Pham

“Reggie was recommended to us by a home inspector, and we were 100% thrilled with our experience! Reggie and his crew were prompt, courteous & safety conscious. They were thorough during the entire process, and ensured the site was cleaned before they left for the day. They were excellent to work with and I highly recommend them!” – The Rutherford Family

“Reggie is extremely responsive on his quotes and has very fair pricing. I will continue to use him because he always picks up the phone and gives excellent service. On the most recent roof he quoted, tore off, installed a new roof and passed inspections for the permit within a week. Excellent service!” – Michael Vu

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Here at Reggie Reed roofing, our team offers you a wider range of services from roof repairs and installations in St Pete. Our professionals thoroughly inspect your roof and will find any and all issues your roof might have. With that, Reggie Reed Roofing will give you trustworthy and affordable service.

  • We have high ratings on Angie’s list, BBB, etc. This is because we never fail to deliver the best.
  • Our workers are really friendly and not troublesome, so you can be assured no form of disagreement would occur.
  • All our agreements are written in paper just In case it is needed in the future.
  • We give our customers a warranty time frame just be let you know how efficient and effective we are at what we do.

We are available to be contacted on Mondays to Fridays, 08:30 AM – 04:30 PM, through phone or email

You can also reach us at our home office in St Petersburg FL and avail of our services to make your house (and that roof) so much better than it ever was before.

Contact us now for roof installation, renovation, or repair by one of the best roofing companies in St Petersburg Fl voted by our clients. You can read some more Google reviews HERE.

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