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roof when you are buying a homeIf you live in Pinellas County and you believe you are having issues with your roof then you may be wondering when would be a wise time to consider calling a roofing company in your area. We are roofing specialists and we can handle the process of new construction and roof repair in Pinellas county. Contacting a roofing contractor whenever you start to notice the signs of disrepair in your roof is essential. Here are some of the top signs you should watch for with your roof before contacting a professional:

Shingle Granules

If you are starting to notice the granules of shingles throughout your property or in your gutters, is a good chance that your shingles have started to erode to the point where they will need to be replaced. Without proper grit on your shingles, you may see pooling water, leaks and more.

Moss on your Roof

Moss, mold or discoloration throughout your roof can often be a sign that it’s time to change it roofing materials as well. If you’re beginning to notice real discoloration throughout areas of your roof, this is a good sign that your shingles are failing and that you could face leaks, water damage or even structural damage in the future.

Pooling Water

If you see pooling water throughout your roof there is a good chance that it could be sinking in or that your gutters may be clocked. Contacting a roofing company in Pinellas County to complete an inspection can be important to protecting your home. You need to get access to repairs as quickly as possible to manage pooling water before it becomes a problem.

These are just a few of several signs that you may need your roof replaced or repaired. Contact us today for a free estimate if you are in need of assistance with your roofing throughout Pinellas County.

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