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Roofing Contractors Clearwater FLWe perform regular maintenance on all sorts of valued items we own, one of the best examples is our car! Without regularly taking it in for check ups, oil and fluid changes, and tire rotations you are setting yourself up for problems years down the line. Plenty of Floridians realize this about their vehicles, let fail to realize how it translates to their roof! Your roof needs just as much, if not more, maintenance and inspection as your vehicle does; there are plenty of hazards in Florida that present a challenge to keeping your roof in top shape. The biggest influence is the weather, there is inclement weather throughout the year and Florida can experience severe thunderstorms and freak tornadoes. However, the largest threat is posed from hurricane season. During this time period your roof will experience constant pounding from the heavy rains brought on by the tropical storms, it is vital that you have a proper inspection before hurricane season and throughout the lulls that take place throughout the season itself. The process of finding roofing contractors in Clearwater FL can be arduous to undertake, the roofing industry is inundated in Pinellas, there are dozens of subpar contractors fighting to take your money first! The most important factor in determining the quality of a roofing project or inspections is the contractor and company behind them, that’s why Reggie Reed does so well for the area: we put our clients first and consistently deliver quality projects and service worth paying for!

Pinellas Based

Our company is based right out of sunny Saint Petersburg and we have experience servicing the entirety of Clearwater, Largo, Seminole and Pinellas Park too! With over 40 years of experience working in the Florida heat, Reggie Reed has learned a thing or two about what roofing materials work best for certain types of roofing and homes in Florida. Having experience with all types of roofing materials used today allows use to expertly inspect and repair most types of roofing structures! Why go with an out of area contractor who barely visits the city they claim to constantly service, Reggie Reed is your neighborhood roofer and we are a proud family owned business! Values like hard work, dedication, and honesty are paramount to who we are, we carry these with us on every roofing job we take! 

Residential and Commercial Roofing

The professionals at Reggie Reed are not only expert residential roofers, we are also outstanding commercial roofing contractors as well! With extensive experience in commercial flat roofing across Pinellas County, Reggie Reed is qualified to help you install a fresh new roof on your business property today! New commercial roofing is perfect for helping you get the maximum space out of your store or business, they are also great for helping you move unsightly things like A/C units or bulky electrical units on top of the roof as well!

Reggie Reed is a choice when searching for roofing contractors in Clearwater FL, we have extensive experience providing quality roofs in the area! Contact us today for a free quote or for more information on your new roof!

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