What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a Home

roof when you are buying a homeIf you are going to be looking for a brand-new home, it’s likely that you are going to be looking through all of the structural components throughout a prospective home for signs of trouble. If you want to make sure that the roof of your home is going to be extremely sturdy, you need to know what to look for. Here are some of the top signs that any housing inspector will look for in a roof before giving you the go-ahead to buy a home:

Quality ventilation: even if a home as a brand-new roof on it the ventilation system needs to be inspected. Ventilation systems within roofs make sure that an appropriate amount of air and sunlight can make their way through the structure. It’s one of the easiest areas to neglect in the installation of a roof. Poor ventilation through roof can cause serious structural damage and mold.

The drainage pipes and canals: investigating the drainage on your roof and the way that water runs off the roof is very important. If you can get up on the roof and take a look at the drainage system, you can get a good idea of just how old the roof is. The full system includes the gutters, drainage pipes, down spouts and seepage system. Take a look in these systems for the signs of asphalt shingles that could be running off. This is a sign that you could need new roofing materials immediately. 

Check for leaks and breakage: A rooftop has an extremely vital role in preventing damage to the structure of your home and making sure that you don’t experience leaks. Leaking can cause mold, structural damage and even destroy the paint on your walls. Once the process of the leak begins, it can be very difficult to seal it off or even tracked down where it’s happening. Leaking can often occur around chimneys, vents and in areas where your shingles are weakest.

Moss or mold: if you spot the signs of mosque or mold within the shingles, this is a clear sign that there is been a water intrusion across the roof or that it’s time to replace your shingles. 

Checking downspouts: check of the downspouts across your roof and see if there aren’t deep pools of water in this area. If there is an opportunity to flood or any type of excessive water flowing down the downspouts, this can wash out the foundation and cause structural problems throughout your home.

Keep some of these top inspection notes in mind when you are looking at a roof on a prospective home that you could buy. If you want to avoid problems with a prospective home purchase, it’s always wise to hire a roofing inspector to perform your prepurchase inspection.

This post was written by Reggie Reed Jr! Reggie is the owner of Reggie Reed Roofing, a roofing company in Pinellas County. He is a 4th generation roofing contractor!