Commercial Business Roofs – Which Is Right For You?

Commercial Business Roofs - Which Is Right For You?If it’s time for your business to receive a commercial roofing repair, it’s likely that you are facing a number of options for the type of roofing replacement that you should be making. Finding an ideal style of roof for your commercial or industrial building comes down to weighing the pros and cons of the types of commercial roofs. Here are some of the main types of commercial business roofs that are available to choose from!

Flat Roof Design

A flat roof is one of the most cost-effective solutions that you can use in a commercial or industrial building. These types of roofs require less materials than a sloped roof and they can also be much easier and faster to install. The nice part about a flat roof is that you can enjoy greater versatility from these systems. If you’re planning on installing items like satellite dishes, solar panels or aspects of your cooling and heating systems, you can enjoy greater versatility from your flat roof design. Flat roofs can also be designed with the help of specialty coatings which can reduce the temperature of your building throughout the warmer months. With reflective coatings and added insulation throughout the roofing system, you can make sure that the installation lasts a longer period of time and that you are also able to enjoy a roof design which can reduce some of your energy bills over time as well. 

Low Slope Roofs

A low slope roof is a common commercial roofing design for warehouses, factories and apartment buildings. The look of these roofs is very similar to a flat roof but they often come with a smaller pitch that can prevent pooling and rainwater. The slight pitch that is on these types of roofs can prevent damage and leaks due to water pooling over time. Because they don’t have a high slope, they are very inexpensive to install, they’re fairly easy to work on and they require very little maintenance. A low slope roof doesn’t come with the same versatility as a flat roof for installing extra items, but it is a very helpful tool for lowering maintenance costs and installation fees. 

A Pitched Roof

This is a common type of roof for residential to links but it’s also become quite popular for many commercial and industrial buildings as well. The pitched roof has a fairly steep slope but this allows for proper drainage throughout any rain and it reduces the need for frequent repairs. These types of roofs tend to have a more steep incline and this can make it more difficult to repair the roof when it is required. Most of the time in industrial buildings, clay tiles, metal roofs and asphalt shingles are some of the most common roofing types. With the option for regular asphalt shingles, this remains one of the most cost-effective options for commercial roofing, especially if you have a smaller facility. 

If you are weighing the various options available to your commercial property, you need to consider some of the best types of commercial roofing for your own individual meets. A new roof for your property is a considerable investment and it’s very important you are choosing a product that is going to last for your business years to come. Finding the right roofing contractor for the job is the most important piece of the equation, let Reggie Reed Roofing handle your commercial roofing today, contact us for a no hassle quote!