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If you’re in need of roofing work on a flat or low slope roof, you’ve come to the right place. Flat/low slope roofing is a common choice for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as some residential properties. These types of roofs have a slope of less than 3 inches per horizontal foot and require a different approach to installation and repair compared to traditional pitched roofs.

Our team of experienced roofing professionals has the expertise and specialized equipment needed to handle all of your flat/low slope roofing needs. We offer a range of services including installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement to ensure that your flat or low slope roof is in top condition. We use only the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure that your roof is durable and long-lasting.

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Benefits Of Flat/Low Slope Roofing

Flat and low slope roofs are a popular choice for many commercial and industrial buildings, as well as some residential properties. These types of roofs have several benefits that make them a great choice for a variety of structures.


These roofs are generally cheaper to install than pitched roofs, which can be a significant benefit for building owners. Flat and low slope roofs also have a longer lifespan than pitched roofs, which can help to offset their initial cost.

Ease Of Maintenance

These roofs are generally easier to access than pitched roofs, which makes it easier to perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning and repairs. This can save building owners time and money in the long run.

Excellent Drainage Capabilities

These roofs are designed to allow rainwater to flow off easily, which helps to prevent water damage and leaks. This can be especially important in areas with heavy rainfall.


They can be used on a wide variety of building types and can be customized with different roofing materials and finishes to suit the needs of the building owner.

Overall, flat and low slope roofs offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and versatile roofing option for a variety of building types. If you’re considering a new roof for your property, it’s worth considering the benefits of a flat/low slope roofing.



What Are the Top 4 Low-Slope Roof Options?

Flat low Slope Roofing

1. Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing sheet metal has a flat appearance in its center and vertical ribs along the edges of the panels, creating a sleek, modern appearance.

Because it is attached with concealed fasteners, it is weather-resistant and doesn’t have screws perforating the surface as corrugated steel roofing.

There are three types of standing seam panels. A double lock mechanically sewn system is recommended for low-slope roof applications. This standing seam roof is a great choice for extreme weather conditions.

2. Built Up Roof (BUR)

A BUR (built-up roof), also known as “tar and gravel”, is made up of layers of bitumen and reinforcing materials such as felt paper and then topped with gravel to form a finished membrane. It provides exceptional insulation and protection.

BUR roofing is an extremely durable and low-slope solution that has been around for over a century. It is installed in large sheets and provides a continuous, sealed surface that resists water.

3. Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen roofs (or mod bitumen) are roofing sheets made from asphalt and modified with a rubber or other plastic. Mod bit roofs look very similar to BUR systems in that they are both installed in multiple layers. Modified bitumen adds asphalt to make it different.

Modified bitumen roofing was introduced to the market in the 1970s. It is a modified version of a built-up roof that offers greater flexibility and can withstand extreme temperatures better than BUR. Combining the two can create what is called a hybrid roofing system. Modified bitumen is used as the cap sheet for the BUR roofing system in these cases.

4. Single-Ply

A single-ply roof is made up of large sheets of clear plastic membrane, which are then rolled over the roof’s surface before being welded together. This creates a durable, weather-resistant roof.

Sublayment For Low Slope Roofing

You must choose the right roofing material to cover a low slope roof. Underlayment is essential and is often required by building codes for low-slope roofing. It provides additional protection against water, which reduces the chances of water damage and helps to prevent leaks.

There are two types of underlayment felt and synthetic. Synthetic roof underlayment is more durable, long-lasting, and efficient than felt. It is not suitable for all applications.

Choosing The Right Low Slope Roof Option

Low slope roofs are more susceptible to water, UV rays, and debris. It is therefore crucial to choose the right roofing material.

Consider these things when choosing the right material to use for a low-slope area:

  • Climate
  • Budget
  • Longevity
  • If applicable, aesthetics

The pitch of your roof will play a part in your decision. Standing seam metal roofing is a premium option due to its durability and performance, as well as its aesthetic appeal and clean lines.


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