Metal Roofing

Spanish architecture and red-hued clay tiles are the most common choices when it comes to Florida’s architecture. We are proud to install excellent tile projects every day, but we also offer metal roofing options for Florida homeowners and businesses. Because tile is so popular in Florida, metal roofing isn’t the most preferred choice for residential. Or homeowners prefer tile because it matches the surrounding neighborhood. Metal roofing is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new roof style or a replacement.

We’ve outlined the pros and cons of metal roofing to help you make an informed decision about which roof system will best suit your needs and home. These are some of the top benefits of metal roofing.

Energy Efficiency

Potential residents are drawn to Florida because of its constant warmth and for having the sunniest days out of the year. This has the unfortunate side effect of requiring you to run your cooling or A/C systems continuously to maintain a comfortable environment.Metal roofing

The type of roof on your house will have a big impact on how much cooling is required to keep your house cool. Metal roofing is the best choice when it comes down to energy efficiency. Depending on the material used, a roof can either reflect or absorb heat from the sun. Red-colored tiles roofs are more likely to absorb heat from the sun, which means your home will be warmer. This can lead to a higher energy bill. Metal systems have the opposite effect. They reflect heat from the sun, making your A/C work less. This is a better way to save energy!


This style of roof is unmatched in durability! Metal roof materials have the best wind durability. They are also resistant to water and humidity, which means that they don’t cause any leaks or damage. These advantages, when combined, result in a product that is less likely to need replacing or repair. This can translate into cost savings.

Metal roofing

The cost savings of metal roofing far outweigh the costs involved in the roofing installation. This is something that most people don’t realize. If you have to call a contractor for small repairs on your roof, it can quickly add up. Metal roofs are much more cost-effective and require less maintenance.

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