Selecting Shingles For Your Home

Selecting Shingles For Your HomeMatching the perfect shingles for your home will improve the overall life span of your property. If you’re a homeowner that’s properly preparing for a roofing replacement you need to make sure that you’re using the right materials on your roofing systems. Not all shingles on the market are equal and it’s very important that you are choosing between the best products so that you can get the best brand or style. The right color choice will also be an important factor in selecting tiles for your home. Here are some of the factors to consider when you are selecting shingles for your property:

Choosing The Color

The color of your shingles can make a big difference in the way that your shingles wear and what you can expect with your roofing systems. A lighter-colored roof will ensure that your AC doesn’t have to work overtime in order to cool down your home. It’s also possible that your roofing shingles will last longer with a lighter colored shingle. 

Proper Ventilation

As well as looking at the colors for your roofing systems, you’ll have to consider the ventilation for your roofing systems over time. Proper ventilation will prevent problems with moisture and it will improve the air circulation throughout your roof. Exposure to UV radiation and heat from the sun will lead to the performance of your roof breaking down and the chance that you will have to continually pay more to cool your home. Ventilation is extremely important in the process of preparing for any roofing job or installing new shingles throughout your property. 

Choosing The Type of Shingles

There are many different types of shingles on the market today including regular asphalt shingles or architectural shingles which have a heavier base and a more refined look. There are certainly some differences in the price of luxury shingles versus regular style shingles and it is important to consider the type of shingle that is going to suit your budget best as well as what is going to be the most durable for long-term use. 

The Style of Shingle

There are certain dimensions of shingles and styles of shingles that may not work well with the shape of your home. The best ISA shingles on the market today have architectural designs that are made to be seamless with the look of your home. You can produce a number of looks including the chance for 3-D patterns on your rooftop, you can access algae defense, fire protection, and more. Choosing a style of shingle that’s going to fit your roofing system the best can be extremely important. 

The Best Warranty

Depending on what your budget may be, it could be possible for you to afford a product that comes with an extensive warranty. Choosing a shingle that comes with a better quality of warranty will make sure that you can enjoy your shingles over a long period of time without having to worry about replacement costs. Taking a look at the manufacturer’s warranties that are available from the shingles in your area can be a great way to start with finding a better value on your shingles. 

Take a Look At Your Neighbors

If your neighbors have recently installed new shingles, it can really help to talk to some of your neighbors and find out more about the types of shingles that they installed. Discovering more about the shingles that they had installed will let you know about their experiences as well as more information on the contractor that they might’ve used. Taking a look at your neighbors and considering the shingles that they have used can make sure you have shingles that likely match the architectural style of your home and that are readily available in your area. 

Shingles With Coatings

There are certain shingles on the market that come with UV reflective coatings that can help to cut down on heat and improve the surface wear of a shingle. Finding a shingle that will give you access to some of these coatings can be a fantastic way that you can preserve the lifespan of your shingle and get access to some improvements in the future with your home energy costs. Finding a shingle that comes with an extra coating on it can often add extra value to your home and shingles that come with these coatings are often not too much more expensive than their basic counterparts. 

Contact us today if you are having difficulty selecting shingles or roofing materials for your home. We can inspect your roof and determine the best type of roofing materials that you should consider for the greatest value on your home.