Commercial Roof Types

Commercial Roof TypesIf you have a commercial building in your interest in identifying the type of roofing that you have on your building, working with a professional roofer can often help you to handle the inspection with ease. There are a number of different commercial roof types that can be found across the state of Florida. 

Most commercial buildings introduce these flat roofs because they are extremely cost effective to put in and energy-saving. The flat roofing options that are available in the market have grown substantially over the past few years and with so many different options for replacement and repairs, it can often be quite confusing to determine which of these flat roofing styles will suit the needs of your building. We’re going to take a look at some of the top flat roofing styles that are available so that you can tell what’s on your building and what might be the best option for replacement or repair in the future:

BUR Built-up Roofing Systems

Asphalt is one of the main standards for built-up roofing systems across the roofing industry. In most cases, these systems are installed using a hot mop or tar and gravel solution. This is one of the easiest ways to build up a commercial roofing system on a flat roof or low slope roofs. BUR it essentially painting on layers of asphalt or bitumen. The layers built-up across the roof and this creates a multilayer solution that can resist a wide array of UV radiation and more. Adding inner reflective coating on a BUR system to make it even more efficient and it can help to reduce the chance that you might have to redo the roofing system in just a few years.

Modified Bitumen

A BUR system with modified asphalt utilizes a layer the comes with a series of other materials. The asphalt series often infused with polymer or fiberglass which can improve durability over time. These items are often quite easy to install and they can be much more cost effective for maintaining. Modified Bitumen remains one of the ideal choices for Florida because the top layer can continue to provide reflection from UV rays while continuing to cool a building. Single layer systems typically last for 12 to 16 years and adding up multiple layers of a modified system will often lead to a lifespan that’s around 25 years at a time.

Single Ply Membrane

A single ply system can often be one of the most attractive choices for commercial buildings. These have become one of the most popular options recently because of their energy efficiency and their long life span. If you are interested in reducing your overall building maintenance costs, this is a prefabricated option made of synthetic materials that offers an unbridled quality. Single ply membranes include materials like:


TPO is a roofing system that has become a popular choice in Florida for its energy savings. TPO is a highly durable material and it typically has a lifespan of at least two decades. The white color of this material provides an advanced heat reflection and he can work at protecting any building from UV rays. TPO is often heat welded onto a building and this ensures that the seams can create a very reliable bond with the roofing system. There is complete protection against high winds and optimal water drainage using this system.


PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a system that’s built up using two layers of PVC material and it contains a reinforced polyester that is found between the layers. PVC is a more expensive option than TPL but it does have better protection against the elements with a similar form of durability. 

Full Roof Coatings

A full roof coating is one of the best choices economically for roofing replacement. Coatings typically last around 10 years so they will require ongoing replacement. Most coatings require a complete primer, base coat, stretched fabric and then another code on top of the fabric with an additional topcoat to seal everything in. Although it is fairly labor-intensive to completely adhere the membrane to your roof, this is one the most cost-effective options because the material cost is relatively low. Membranes done in this fashion can stand up to extreme weather and they also offer an excellence in savings. 

Metal Roof

A metal roof can be one of the most expensive options for flat roofing but it does provide the best in durability, heat resistance and long lifespan. It’s a stylish option and it can be done in a number of styles including flat, Bermuda, batten or shingles. The metal shingles are perfect for low slope roofs in they are great for improving drainage throughout a roof too.

Solar Panel

A solar panel installation is one of the best for the environment and it can be perfect for improving the bottom line of your building’s efficiency. A solar panel can make use of the sunshine and convert it into energy for your commercial building. If you’re interested in harnessing solar energy you may also qualify for a tax credit by switching your building over as well.

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