Common Causes of Commercial Roofing Issues

Common Causes of Commercial Roofing IssuesA roof is one of the most crucial structures for any commercial business. Your roof is one of the main lines of defense for your business so it’s important to investigate any problems that might come up as soon as possible. Quick roofing repairs can help to avoid future commercial roofing issues and make sure that your roof will stay in the best condition possible for the longest amount of time. 

In this article we will explore some of the most common causes of commercial roofing issues. Keeping an eye out for some of these top issues could help you to prevent major expenses down the road or the need for large repairs. Here are some of the common causes of commercial roofing issues with your business:

Moisture build up and leaks:

A leak can be a growing concern for a business, it can even disrupt business operations. Leaks can often occur in commercial roofs as well as residential roofs. When there is an area that is loose or problems with fasteners in roofing materials, this can often be a result of moisture can build up and pooling. When moisture has the ability to pool in an area of the roof this can lead to a degradation of the roofing tiles and materials. What eventually happens when these materials degrade is the inner structure of your roof can become exposed and this leads to leaks that can often make their way down into the structure of your commercial building. A leak and moisture buildup can be the cause of mold, electrical problems and more. If you spot standing water on top of your roof you should seek a professional roofing inspection immediate.

Tenting or blowoffs:

If you have noticed areas where your roofing material is starting to tent upwards or create laps in the roof, there’s a good chance that you could be missing some of your roofing materials. When roofing materials start the process of tenting or lifting this can be the perfect time for the wind to begin blowing some of your roofing materials off. A common cause for tenting or blow offs often comes from inadequate curing along your roofing system. When the roofing system tier is inadequately, and tenting occurs, it’s very important to fix the issue quickly or tenting can spread to other roofing materials. Fixing the affected area before it becomes exposed that help to prevent a major cost on repairs. 

Poor installation and workmanship:

One common cause of roofing issues on commercial buildings often comes with poor installation. Choosing the lowest quote or an inexperienced contractor could lead to improper installation which can cause issues of corrosion, exposed roofing materials and more. The wrong contractor could lead you to replace your roofing materials more often or create a need for major repairs where roofing materials have failed. Choosing a commercial roofing contractor that has experienced and that stands by a good quality mark for craftsmanship is important. Avoiding problems with poor installation and workmanship will help to prevent major expenses later on.

Negligent maintenance:

A regular maintenance schedule is required for almost any type of commercial building to avoid commercial roofing issues . Doing regular roofing inspections can identify areas where there is a need for minor repairs. Managing the minor repairs will help to prevent them from becoming major repairs which can cause damage throughout your roofing structure. By performing a series of roofing inspections throughout the year and doing minor repairs when they are necessary, you can extend the overall lifespan of your roof and prevent the chance that you will have to do a complete reinstallation of a roof.

Neglecting inspection after storms:

A storm can be one of the most destructive forces on your roofing systems. If you are unable to regularly inspect your roof after a major weather event, this could lead to a need for repairs or areas where repairs could be ignored. Regular maintenance is important but inspections after a storm are equally as important for your roofing structure. It’s common to be missing shingles and roofing materials during high winds, hail and rain. Having a roofing contractor regularly inspect your roof just after a storm will prevent your business from becoming unsafe and unprotected.

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