There are many reasons why you could have curling shingles. It’s common for shingles to curl, regardless of whether they are getting older or if there is a problem with your attic ventilation. What can you do? Are you able to fix some or all of the shingles? This is what you need to know when it comes to curled shingles.

Can I Repair Curling Shingles?

Let’s begin with the simplest approach, a simple repair.

You can repair curling shingles if there are only a few.

Curled shingles can indicate a larger problem. Your roof could be reaching its end. You could also have a poorly ventilated roof or shingles that aren’t installed correctly.

Even if you decide to fix curling shingles, it is only temporary. You’ll need a professional to inspect your roof and tell you if it is time for a new roof.

How Do You Repair Curling Shingles?

You can only make temporary repairs to curled shingles if you are just looking at them. You can repair curled roof shingles in two ways. However, they won’t work if the shingles aren’t damaged or cracked. Temporary repairs should be possible if your curled shingles have just curled up or down. This is how it works:

  • Get supplies. Your roofer or you will need a ladder, a hammer, and roofing nails.
  • Gently lift curled shingle. Gently lift the shingle so that your roofer or you can apply roofing mastic underneath it. You should not apply roofing mastic directly to the roofing.
  • Apply the roofing nail to the shingle. If needed, attach a roofing nail to each corner of the shingle.
  • Brick or rock can be used. You can use bricks or heavy rocks to weight down curled shingles for 24 hours if you don’t have roofing nails. You can remove the brick once the roofing cement has been set.

If you have only noticed curling shingles, this repair is a great option. It is best to make repairs as soon you notice any problems with shingles. This will help you avoid bigger problems like water damage or leaks. You might need to replace your shingles if you see a lot of curling.

Replacement Of Curling Shingles

You will need to replace your shingles if you notice a lot of curling or if your roofer is unable to flatten them out. It is possible to replace a few shingles in certain situations. However, if your shingles are curling a lot, you may have a bigger problem.

It’s best to contact your local roofer in this situation. They can inspect your roof and tell you what is wrong. If your roof is curled in large numbers, you may need a new roof. Your roofer might be able to repair a small portion of the roof if it is in serious condition. However, it is important to seek an expert opinion from Reggie Reed Roofing before proceeding.

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