Easy Ways to Make Your Roof Stormproof

Easy Ways to Make Your Roof StormproofIn order to stay on top of all of your home repairs and maintenance you will need to regularly take a look at your home especially when storm season hits. It’s very important that you protect your roof against strong winds during a hurricane, in today’s post we’re going to be looking into some of the best ways to make your roof stormproof so that you can appropriately prepare for the upcoming storm season!

Make Sure Your Shingles are Secure

Extremely high winds can affect shingles and then begin to compromise the rest of the roof as well. In order to properly save your roof from storm damage it’s important to secure the lowest section of your shingles first and then continue working towards the top. When you get your shingles replaced it’s important to consider the rating for your shingles. A shingle that is given a rating of class G or H for high wind resistance can require less in the way of repair work over time. Roofing cement can also be used during the installation process to appropriately affix the first row in a tighter fashion. When you experience loose shingles, it’s important that they are fixed up and re-adhered as soon as possible.

Reinforcing Soffits

Soffits are more than just an aesthetic feature for residential property, they are responsible for protecting the rafters in your home and they can keep moisture out of the home as well. Your rafters are one of the best ways to prevent harsh elements from growing across your roofing shingles, they need to be properly enforced during roofing repairs and they can be used to hold the overall roofing system together. Polyurethane sealants as well as some stainless steel screws can connect into the parts of the soffit and this can make sure that the entire system can work more like a unit. Reinforcing all of these soffit areas should be a major concern if you are trying to improve the overall strength of your roofing system.

Covering up Exterior Holes

If there are areas where cables, wires and pipes have entered or exited your home, you should consider filling in these areas with silicone caulking. Taking the time to check your roof and the flashings and dormers to make sure that there aren’t areas where services will jut out and cause leaks can also be important. Make sure that you’re replacing any of the damaged flashing material as it’s required and work at filling in any of the extra holes so that you can protect the inner layers of your roof from moisture especially during a heavy rain storm. 

Hurricane Tarps

Temporarily patching your roof with a hurricane tarp if you are going to experience an extremely heavy storm can help to prevent extra water from making its way into your roofing systems. A properly installed tarp will come with a series of clips that can make sure that it does not move around during high winds and that your roof can be protected with an extra barrier to prevent storm damage. Having these items on hand can help to prepare you in the event that you experience a heavy storm.

If you are interested in preparing accordingly for storm damage it’s important that you are able to seek the assistance that you need early on. Working with our team can help to diminish wind damage and make sure that your roof is ready for the upcoming storm season. We can help with a complete roof inspection, patching and more. We want to ensure that you can access the best in roofing strength over the course of the next hurricane season. Contact us today!