Extending The Life Of Your Commercial Roof

Extending The Life Of Your Commercial RoofIf you are a business owner then it’s likely that you can’t take time out of your busy schedule in order to perform roofing maintenance tasks. Most businesses tend to only look towards the roof when there’s something wrong or when they start to notice a leak in their roofing systems. Instead of waiting until there’s a problem, conducting regular maintenance on your commercial roof to make sure that you can extend the lifespan of your business, and keep your business up and running easily.

Proper maintenance can be an extra cost associated with your business but it’s extremely important to prevent accidents with your roof. Here are the top 8 tips regarding your commercial roof maintenance:

An Annual Inspection Is Required

Depending on the age of your roof, commercial inspections are something that you should regularly look into. Consider the last time that you had a commercial roofing repair and who your contractors were. Taking a look at the roofing material and then compiling a list of all of the important details on your roofing inspection will give you a better indication of the repairs that may need to be done on your roof. The status and age of a roof can help you to quickly diagnose damages. If your roof is new and you start to notice problems with the gutters, this could be a sign of poor installation or a direct issue that comes as a result of weather or an accident. Hiring a local roofing company to perform regular inspections on your roof will make sure that you can keep up unscheduled maintenance as well as the replacement of materials when it is required.

Formulating A Plan

Using your inspection reports you can formulate a plan for maintenance such as understanding when it will be a good time to replace various aspects of your roof. You can extend the overall lifespan of your roof and determine which areas could be problematic in your replacement costs early on.

Keep Up With Regular Cleaning

Dirt and debris are quite inevitable with any type of commercial roof. Depending on the nature of your industry you might even expect a bit more dirt and grime. Having a maintenance plan will make sure that you can keep your roof looking its best at all times. A well-executed cleaning can remove clogs from gutters and make sure that you can prevent water overflow that will prevent the exposure of your roofing materials. Regular cleaning can prevent buckling on your roof and make sure that there is no extra weight resting on your roofing materials.

Remove Close Hanging Branches

If you have branches and shrubs that overhang your roof there’s a good chance that you will need to trim off these areas to reduce the clutter that could clog your gutters. If there are any branches hanging over your commercial roofs, you need to consider trimming them regularly. Keep branches roughly 10 feet away from your commercial roof can discourage pests and rodents and prevent the chance your roof will be clogged up.

Complete Repairs Quickly

Replace any of the missing or buckled shingles from your roof as soon as possible and be sure to replace any of the flashing around the roof with proper sealing to prevent the need for major repairs.

Looking At Your Roof After Every Major Storm

Listening to the forces as they act upon your roof and making sure that there aren’t any signs of rodents can be important. Checking on your roof after every major storm and watching for signs of wear often can make sure that you will not have damaged escalate. Any type of loose flashing or problem with damages on your roof needs to be dealt with swiftly.

Remove Any Standing Water

If you have standing water across your roof, you need to fix drainage issues immediately. Stagnant water can often look harmless but it leads to damage over time. Fix the problem early and create a drainage solution to prevent leaks across your roof.

Always Use Regular Maintenance

Using regular maintenance with the help and a local roof contractor will make sure that you can receive regular inspections and repairs as necessary. Contact a local roofing contractor so that you can get access to reliable maintenance and repairs as they are required.

If you need more tips for extending the life of your commercial roof, contact us today. We can also assist you as a reliable local contractor providing repairs and inspections.