Extending Your Roof Life

Commercial building owners must ensure that their roofs are maintained on a regular basis to extend roof life. A roof system’s maximum life expectancy is at stake. It is essential that it is maintained. Yes, roof systems can have leaks from time to time that need to be addressed on an “as needed” basis. This could be caused by a leak in the roof system (commonly caused by other people) or a crack in the seam, which may sometimes be warranted repairs if there is a roof warranty. Building owners can take steps to prevent roof problems, such as leaks or damage, from happening. The most important proactive steps to extend the life of a building’s roof are usually done through a yearly, bi-annual preventative maintenance program.

Reggie Reed Roofing most often works with customers on a bi-annual preventative maintenance program to extend roof life. Reggie Reed Roofing usually performs preventative maintenance inspections in January/Feb or July/Aug. They strive to provide high quality service without making it too complicated. Reggie Reed Roofing provides five key elements for preventative maintenance inspections every year. Each property owner is able to create a program that suits their needs.

  1. Overview photos/roof state – Every maintenance inspection should include photos showing the general condition of your roof. It is important to have a report that allows the owner to see the roof’s condition.
  2. Clear all drainage areas. Clogged gutters, and scuppers should be addressed. If drainage areas aren’t properly monitored, they can cause a buildup of water on your roof. This could cause immediate leaks, severe water ponding on the roof surface, and in extreme cases deck overload. The roof deck could be unable to drain.
  3. Clear away all debris from the roof. Often, other contractors leave items on the roof. It can cause roof damage and other negative consequences. It doesn’t matter if debris blows about or it wears/rusts onto a roof system, unneeded debris is not good for the roof.
  4. Re-caulk and seal as necessary – Certain parts of a building’s waterproofing system and roof system can be completed with commercial grade sealants. Every roof has spots that require constant monitoring, such as the caulking of termination bars, pitch pans sealed with pourable sealant, or pipe clamps.
  5. Other items not related to the roof – Sometimes buildings have problems on their roofs that may not be directly related to the roof, but could cause major leaks for the building owner or other issues. An example of this would be an HVAC unit that has its access panel door left open/hanging off. Reggie Reed Roofing would recommend that this be fixed. This could cause roof damage and possibly even blow off. Degraded wall caulking joints could also be an example. These joints are not connected to the roof, but they can provide easy water access.

Preventative roofing maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. It is more important to address the main issues in order to create a roof system that lasts many years longer than it would without them. 

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