Four Most Common Residential Roof Repairs

Four Most Common Residential Roof RepairsA roof leak can be one of the most difficult problems that you may face as a residential home owner. As your roof is considered one of the main structures to your home, getting roof repairs can be a costly effort. Many homeowners begin to discover that they have problems with their roof when they see a stain on the interior of their home. As the damage continues to compound, this can become a more costly problem for a homeowner. There are some common areas where you can prevent leaks within your roofing system. Making sure that you spot the signs of leaks early on will help to keep your roofing system safe and prevent the nature of expensive repairs later on. Here are four of the most common residential roof repairs!

Flashing That is Installed Improperly

The metal flashing across your roof needs to be installed correctly along the roof line, vents and windows. These systems work to prevent water from making its way into your roofing materials and forming leaks in the shingles, shakes and tiles. The wood below your roofing materials can often rot as a result of the materials finding their way into the roofing systems. Having some form of metal flashing in place can help to make sure that you can prevent leaks and roof rot. Checking on the flashing is usually one of the first things that a roofing inspector will do because it’s accessible from the ground and it can be an early sign of wear. 

Damaged Tiles and Shingles

If you have shingles in place on your roof or roofing tiles, missing or damaged tiles can often compromise the overall integrity of your roof. As your shingles start to break down over time, this can often lead to water seeping its way into your roof underlayment and the need for repairs. A leaky roof can be an early sign that the materials on your roofing system need to be replaced. Different roofing materials will often have varying life expectancy and a traditional shingle will last for less time than a hard roofing tile. If you’re starting to notice the signs of aging in your roofing systems such as finding shingle parts across your yard, you may want to consider the option that you have roofing materials that need to be replaced. 

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can often become clogged and compromise your entire roofing system. The purpose of a gutter is to catch rainwater and redirect it away from your foundation and roofing systems. Gutters have a tendency to continue to collect leaves and debris and this can allow water to accumulate along the edge of the roof. As water continues to accumulate in the gutters, this will often lead to moisture seeping its way into your roofing system, and the chance that your roof can leak or rot. A clogged gutter that continues to allow water to accumulate can lead to water pooling which will often lead to leaks and the chance that your roofing materials may even collapse. Continuous problems with clogged gutters are extremely preventable and regular cleaning is one of the best ways that you can perform roof maintenance to prevent this problem. 

Problems With Your Roofing Ventilation

You might expect your roof to be entirely airtight but roofing ventilation can be one of the most important aspects of roofing systems. Proper ventilation is required to make sure that mildew and mold do not form across your roofing systems. The proper installation vent fans can help to prevent roof rot and extend the overall lifespan of your roofing materials. If you’re continuing to experience problems with roofing ventilation, you might want to consider installing new roof fans or inspecting your attic so that you can make sure the system is ventilated for your cooling systems. This is one of the most hidden common residential roof repairs.

If you want to ensure that you can protect your residential roof from damage it’s important to seek regular roofing inspections from a qualified roofing specialist. Contact us today for more information regarding roof repairs or replacement!