How To Avoid Roofing Scams After A Storm

How To Avoid Roofing Scams After A StormAlthough it’s quite unfortunate there are a number of companies across Florida that will run multiple scams after major storms. When tropical storms or hurricanes happen, a number of “expert contractors” will come out of the woodwork representing themselves to people that need roofing repairs. Commercial roofing and residential roofing can often be a cutthroat business after a natural disaster or storm occurs. Finding a company that works reputably through insurance and making sure that you can find a company that is truly legit can make sure that your roof repairs can be carried out easily. If you are trying to find a quality contractor for disaster relief it is important to consider some of these top roofing scams that can be avoided when interviewing contractors.

Do You Have A License And Insurance?

You should never consider using an unlicensed or uninsured company with your roofing systems. If the company does not have a license or carry any type of insurance, this could lead to coverage issues on the job site and potentially even a claim for unsafe work on your roof. The problem with working on a roof after storm damage has occurred is the roof is often unstable. It can be dangerous to work at these heights and any roofer that is going up on your roofing system without insurance could hold you liable for damages or injuries that could occur during the process.

How Is Your Health and Safety Training?

Safety is a big concern with any roofing company. Depending on the extent of the storm damage on your home, there is a good chance that your contractor could be taking a risk just going up on your roof. With a safety-first approach the best contractors are able to perform inspections safely and effectively and make sure that the process can be easily completed. Checking to make sure that the contractor is using routine OSHA safety training and making sure that they’ve got great standards under the EMR can also be important. A great record of safety and quality training will make sure that everyone can stay safe on the job site.

How Accurate Is The Quote

No two roofing jobs are the same and the extent of storm damage can change the nature of a quote easily. Having a fully itemized quote is important when choosing a reliable roofing company. A roofing company that simply provides you with a figure allows them the chance to include a number of extra costs as they continue working on the roof. The best contractors will always have an itemized quote including the cost of materials, labor, waste disposal, and more. A complete technical analysis of everything associated with your roofing job will ensure you know more about every cost and every benefit you can receive from working with that contractor. Your itemized quote will also include items like warranty information and other value-added to the service.

How Well Do They Communicate

The best contractors need to be consistently communicating with you. Accountability and communication on the job site are one of the main reasons that people hire a roofing contractor. The contractor that agrees to your work and then remains negligent in getting it completed can be a frustrating process. Reliable contractors will provide you with consistent updates and they’ll be truly transparent with any unforeseen costs for extra labor that is required. Reputable contractors will do everything possible to make sure that the process will run smoothly on the job site and that the customer is well-informed.

Does The Contractor Have The Resources They Need Now

The best contractors have a consistent supply of building materials that can be used to finish your project in a timely manner. Reputable contractors will plan for storms and upcoming events so that they can be ready to assist homeowners and business owners in the area with the right roofing materials. Working with a contractor that has access to initial materials already can speed up the process of your roofing job. Working with a contractor that is going to take time to gather materials or even charge you for specialty materials immediately is not normal, this could be a sign of a few popular roofing scams.

Going through a storm can be a stressful situation but it can only be made worse when you’re working with the wrong contractor for your roofing job. Making an effort to ask the right questions before you hire a contractor will help to save you time and provide you with clarity through the process. If you would like to learn more about the process of commercial and residential roofing rates, contact us today!