How To Repair Roof Vents


Any attic space will hold a substantial amount of heat, during the warmer months the space in your attic area can often cause extra strain on your air conditioning system. Installing roof vents or repairing roof vents can remove some of this strain from your HVAC system but the repair process needs to be done by a team that has a variety of experience in roofing repairs.  This article will go over how to professionally repair roof vents.


Roof Vents And How They Work


The crawl space below your roofing materials needs to have enough airflow and when there are problems with airflow this can often lead to moisture and air getting trapped in this area which can encourage the growth of mildew, lead to tests moving into the area as well as increase the chance that building materials might start to decay. When your air vents run into problems, you may notice a substantial rise in your heating and cooling bills. 


Plumbing Vent Pipes


As well as the standard roof vents across your home, there are also vent pipes for plumbing. These pipes are similar to the plumbing pipes that move water and waste in and out of your home. Plumbing vents will run through your home and out through your roof. The plumbing vent pipe will regulate the air pressure throughout your plumbing as well as prevent clogs in the system. 


What Happens When Your Roof Vents Get Damaged


When a roof vent is damaged it often leads to a costly series of repairs. Leaking vents can continue to rot the roof from the inside as well as create a dangerous environment for any inhabitants inside the home. If the damage takes some time to be repaired, it often creates an irreparable problem with your roof. Water and mildew can often be the bane of existence for a building structure and most of the building materials are not meant to be exposed to standing water over time. As moisture continues to produce new mildew and mold, this often leads to more expensive repairs over time. 


The process of repairing events might seem like an expensive solution but the problems that a damaging event could cause are much worse. Replacing a roof vent with a professional contractor might cost between $3-$500 but the damage that it could cause could lead to you replacing your entire roof at a cost of upwards of $20,000. Vents are items that are common targets for building inspectors as well. If you’re trying to sell your home and you have broken roofing vents, it’s very likely that this will be noted on an inspection. Any quality building inspector will take a look at the trusses and structural components as well as the roofing vents. 


Why Roofing Vents Are So Important In Southeastern Florida

The climate in Florida comes with its fair share of challenges for building materials. With the state of Florida regularly experiencing tropical storms and very warm temperatures, having a proper venting place can make sure that a home can be well protected for the challenging weather that we face. With the sheer humidity that’s found in Florida, the average home or building is going to be storing extra heat in the attic anyway. An unvented attic space can easily reach 100°F and this is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew as well as a very difficult problem for an air conditioner to overcome. Proper roof ventilation can lower energy costs significantly and is especially important in an area that experiences heat like Florida. 


If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are spiking or you are starting to see the signs of mold on your ceiling, it is important for you to contact a roofing expert immediately. If you’re interested in repairing your roof, contact us today to learn more.  We can provide professional inspection and help you get back up and running with a quality roofing solution.