What does it mean when news agencies report that a massive category 5 hurricane is developing near coastal waters? A Category 1 hurricane must maintain a minimum wind speed at 74 mph. The intensity of a hurricane rises as it becomes more severe. Category 5 hurricanes are the strongest possible classification with winds exceeding 156 mph. Is there really a hurricane-proof roof when such winds are concerned? These 8 tips will help you hurricane proof your roof.

The Shape of the Roof

Shape is everything when it comes to wind resistance. Aero-dynamics is the ability to make a roof withstand high winds or minimize its impact. Engineers have created a hexagon or octagon-shaped roof that is hurricane-resistant. Multi-panel features decrease wind load. A 4-slope hip roof is a better choice than a hexagon or octagon. In high wind conditions, multiple slopes are more effective than single slopes.

Slope of the Roof

A hurricane-proof roof’s multiple slopes should be at the correct angle. A 4-slope hip roof with 30-degree slopes provides a more traditional look that is wind-resistant than a 2-slope gabled roofing.

Pressure Strategy

New agencies often feature dramatic video footage showing entire roofs being torn off houses. High wind pressure creates strong lift under corners and at eaves. A central shaft connecting the roof’s ridge to the interior space that is the most depressed will balance the powerful winds’ lift effect. To reduce the pressure of uplift, keep eaves at 20 inches

Your Roof’s Egress is Important

A hurricane-proof roofing strategy must also include all points of entry. The uplift formula includes garage doors, vents, windows, and garage entrances. These should be properly protected.

Your Roof’s Top Layer

Are standard shingles more durable than clay or concrete tiles? Anything that flies off the roof is a dangerous projectile. It is frightening to think of a clay tile hurling through the air at 100 mph. Engineers and safety professionals recommend metal roofing because it is the most durable and hurricane-proof option. There are many metal options that can be used to create a beautiful roof that is extremely safe. Metallic coatings are available that can improve energy efficiency and durability. Common choices include zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless and steel. You can tint metal roofs with special pigments.

Upgrading the Unseen

It is easy to picture shingles flying off roofs in a hurricane. There is an important layer of protection beneath the shingles. This barrier can be improved to make your roof hurricane-proof. Upgrade to the best membrane for roof decking, flashings around roof structure like chimneys and dormers, and upgrade to the highest quality membrane.

Experts in Roofing

It takes a lot of expertise to hurricane proof your roof. A typical roof cannot withstand winds as strong as a hurricane, even one of the lowest-level. Partnering with a roofing company with extensive experience in high-wind conditions is crucial. Your most valuable investment is your home. A roofing company is an important part of this investment. A team that is known for its excellence in the field of hurricane-proof roofing construction and maintenance should be hired.

Begin with a Roof Inspection

A professional roofing company should inspect your roof before you start preparing for hurricane season. We’ve seen the damage hurricanes like Harvey, Ike, and Katrina can do to average homes. You need more than a roof to protect your family and home. Contact us at Reggie Reed Roofing to arrange an inspection and partnership with skilled roofers who can help you create a hurricane strategy and hurricane proof your roof.

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