Insurance Claims For Roof Damage

Insurance claims for roof damage can often be filed for a variety of hazards. Heavy winds can cause serious damage to roofs and render your house without proper shingles or other protection. Many claim-holders will discover the damaged shingles through their yard after a particularly bad storm.  Bad storms can also damage your roofing and most times it isn’t until roof contractors begin the inspection that people know about the roof damage and file a claim.

Perhaps hail was so hard to miss, you didn’t even notice it before the roof repair contractor showed up. When the roofing company arrived, they quickly determined that the damage was indeed severe. To get it repaired fast and to keep up the pace of your roof repair, it would be necessary to hire a roofing contractor who had experience dealing with insurance companies and storm damage. After assessing the damage they recommended that you file a claim with your insurance provider. After all, this is your house and your roof.

While there’s no one size fits all rule when it comes to filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage caused by hail, storm, fire, or debris, your provider will likely help you determine how much you get back on your claim. It’s important that you discuss your roof damage with your provider prior to calling them for information. Don’t wait until you experience extreme weather or feel it’s too late to make a claim.

The first thing a roofing company will do is contact an adjuster to assess your roof repairs and suggest a course of action. The adjuster will ask you to provide an estimate of roof repair costs including labor that will be provided by the roofing company. If your claim requires a deductible, your insurance provider may require you to pay that amount. The deductible price is significantly lower than the cost of a new roof or a roof repair. This helps homeowners get a new roof that will last for as long as 20 years without the hassle of paying for it by themselves. 

In most instances, your insurance claims process will begin with your insurance provider sending the roof repair workers to your home or business to begin the work required to fix your roof. Depending on the nature of your roof damage, your provider will send the workers to either your residence or your place of business to repair your roof. Your provider will then send the workers back to your home or business to complete your roof repair work.

There are many great ways to help keep costs down when it comes to making insurance claims. One way to save money is to hire a roofing company to help complete the inspection instead of just letting the insurance company inspect. If your roof has shingles that need replacing, contact our extensive team of contractors to help you with roof repair or roof replacement. If your home experiences a roof storm, hiring a professional to come out and inspect your roof after the storm to determine the extent of damage is a great way to save money on your insurance claim. Asking friends and family if they know of any professionals in your area who might be able to help you with your claim is also a great way to find a roofing contractor.