Insurance Covers Roof Repair: Reasons Why Insurance Will Replace Your Roof

There are many different reasons why Insurance Companies will replace your roof, but there are only four things that matter most. The integrity and strength of your shingles, the structural integrity of your home, and the weather’s behavior. The roofing company will use all four factors to inspect your home and determine if it is time to replace or repair your roof. This article explains the reasons why insurance covers roof repair and how you can end up saving thousands of dollars.

If your roof is older than ten years and has experienced a large amount of external weather damage, such as hail, storms, high winds, tornadoes, or ice storms, it is likely that the roof has suffered from multiple, large acts of nature. These acts of nature may have caused your roof to buckle at points, leaving portions weak and prone to further damage. Multiple acts of nature can weaken the integrity of your roof and cause leaks to occur.

A few examples of these types of events include heavy snow, hail, heavy rain, wind, ice, or a combination of these occurrences. Heavy snow will significantly reduce the structural integrity of your roof. Hail and rain can cause considerable damage by washing away your roof shingles or shingle granules. Wind can force your gutters and downspouts off of their tracks and into your roof channels. Wind can also cause a gale effect that causes high winds to blow debris into your attic. Wind can cause your roof to sway in high winds, which can cause damage to your attic insulation and even cause your shingles to lift off of the roof.

Insurance Covers Roof Repair: Reasons Why Insurance Will Replace your Roof

When we think of natural disasters, tornadoes, hurricanes, and lightning strikes, we generally picture wind and rainfall in our minds. While tornadoes do be seen around the US, lightning can strike anywhere. A hurricane can cause flooding on the Gulf Coast. Wind can cause damage everywhere – even on a sunny day. Lightning strikes are incredibly rare, but they too can cause damage but luckily insurance covers roof repair.

If you live in a windstorm zone, you may have to move for a week or two while your roof is rebuilt. If your home has experienced wind damage, your insurance company may not pay to repair your roof. In many cases, your roof can be replaced in one day. It may take longer for other insurance companies to come out with an estimate. If they do agree to come out and give an estimate, it will probably be for a price that includes material, labor, and other charges.

As I outlined before, there are a number of different reasons that insurance covers roof repair. Each insurance company will have its own guidelines that will go into a place with regards to what will qualify as ‘normal wear and tear’ for their company. If your roof was severely damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, your insurance company’s policy may pay to repair or replace your roof so you do not have to worry about the future cost of fixing your home. If your roof has sustained some kind of damage, contact us today as soon as possible to find out what type of coverage you will be given and to find out about your company’s policies and how we can repair or replace your roof.