Is Your Roof Ready For The Rainy Season?

Is Your Roof Ready For The Rainy Season?Spring is nearly here and in Florida, this means that it’s time to revisit your roofing maintenance. Afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms become a constant throughout the rainy season in Florida and when you consider all of the strain that this can place on your roofing systems, it is very important that you take a look at the status on your roof and get ready for the rainy season.

Because your roof stands as one of the first lines of defense in protecting your home, it’s important to prepare accordingly for storms to make sure that you can prevent damage to it. You should use the best materials when maintaining your roof and solid construction to withstand the rainy season. Here are some of the top reasons why you need to consider preparing your roof for the rainy season rather than facing a series of problems.

Compromises with leaks and issues lead to huge repairs: if you’ve noticed a missing shingle, a small tear or even areas where your flashing is unsealed, you might be surprised to know just how detrimental these items can be when they are overlooked. A small amount of exposure on the internal structure of your roof decking could lead to an internal leak inside your home or business. If that leak is continued and left untreated this will cause rot across your roof decking which could lead to a full replacement of the structure of your roof. Major leaks will eventually lead to problems with your addicts and ceiling and what started as a simple patch repair could quickly turn into a drastic cost for your roof as well as countless water damage for the internal structure of your home. Addressing these small issues before the rainy season will make sure that water will not have to choose the quickest path into your home and that your major roofing structures will be well protected.

A missing shingle will compromise surrounding roofing materials: A single missing shingle will not seem like a detrimental factor with your roofing system but if you are not able to address just one missing shingle, it can affect the entire roofing structure to the left and right of that shingle. Confronting a roofing repair issue like a missing shingle will strengthen the entire system of your roof. When you leave a weak point in your roof, this can lead to the chance for moisture to penetrate surrounding roofing materials. One shingle missing makes it a lot easier for rainstorms to affect your roofing systems with moisture to the surrounding materials. A missing shingle will also ensure that the wind can quickly catch surrounding shingles and blow them off of the roof easily. What started as just one missing shingle could soon lead to an entire section of your roof that is unprotected because the surrounding materials have gotten soaked and blown off. Completing a repair early will make sure that repairs will not be blown out of proportion later on.

Missing shingle granules means no defense from the rain: putting optional replacement for another year through the rainy season did have some huge disadvantages. When your shingles start to shed granules this can cause them to essentially shed their defense as well. A strong storm can continue to compromise granules on your shingles and this can often lead to shingles experiencing more damage than they normally would. Rather than having strong storms continue to compromise the granules in your shingles and offer no defense to your roofing system, it’s a wise idea to replace shingles before the issue gets worse and you start to experience leaks.

Trimming trees: Trimming back trees is another commonly forgotten piece of maintenance before the rainy season that needs to take place. If you have overhanging trees or any type of shrubbery that could collect in your gutters, it is important to trim them back before they become a problem.

Gutter repairs and drainage: Proper flashing and gutter repairs are also essential to look into before the rainy season. Without having a proper plan for drainage, you could see ongoing cooling with your roofing systems and a chance that all of your materials will wear out much faster. Fixing up the flashing to provide a seal on the roofing systems to the side of your main roofing structure, and having properly secured and cleaned gutters before the rainy season will make sure that you can be ready to take on the upcoming weather.

If you need assistance in preparing your home for storm damage with the upcoming rainy season, contact us today. We are a team of skilled roofing contractors that can take on the challenge of your upcoming maintenance.