Missing Shingles And Water Leaks

Missing Shingles And Water LeaksWhen you are considering the integrity of your roof, the system of shingles across your roof can play a large role in the structural integrity of the entire system. Shingles can occasionally go missing, get damaged from heavy rainstorms, issues due to hail, or even get dislodged as a result of heavy winds. Fallen trees and other debris can also continue to wreak havoc on the design of your roof. A few missing shingles or a small patch on your roof might not seem like the end of the world but these are items that can cause considerable problems later on from your roofing systems. Here we talk about the challenges missing shingles and water leaks bring.

If you have missing shingles it’s very important to determine how they can affect your roof in the future or if they could potentially cause water damage in the future which could compromise the structure of your roof. 

Shingle Damage

When a shingle begins to sustain damage it will affect multiple parts of the shingle design. Certain asphalt shingles are designed with a three-tab section in which other tabs of the shingle will provide coverage of a portion of the shingle that is ripped off due to inclement weather. It’s not usually possible to repair the individual shingle so a patch job will require the complete shingle to be replaced. When shingle damage occurs in a more traditional style of shingle, this can sometimes compromise further systems in your roof and lead to the chance the area you need to patch must be much larger. 

The Location of Your Shingle Damage

The location of the shingle that has been damaged can also change the likelihood of a leak. If the shingle area is covering a scene between two areas of your roof, this can sometimes leave some of the scenes in your roof exposed to the elements. When the seams of your roof become exposed to the outside world this can often lead to water damage and leaks inside your home. The valleys are the points across your roof or structures meet will also allow water and debris to collect. Losing a shingle at some of the low points throughout your roof can cause water to continually pool and increase the chances of a leak or serious problems later on. 

Can I Ignore a Single Missing Shingle?

Missing one shingle throughout your roof May not raise an immediate red flag. Your roof may not leak with just one missing shingle and it’s very unlikely that you will notice an immediate drip from your ceiling if there are a few shingles that are missing. A missing shingle can continue to cause issues over time especially if you do not repair the area. A single missing shingle could lead to the area deteriorating and exposing the underlayment in your roof to water, sunlight, and wind. If you have an older roof, this can lead to ongoing and progressive damage. 

If you’ve noticed exposed areas of your roof it’s very important that you are fixing these leaks right away as this can damage the inside of your home, your attic area as well as your insulation and ceilings. By the time that you notice interior water damage, this is often a point where you will require extensive repairs. In order to avoid the chance for this type of damage and expensive repair costs, you need to replace missing shingles as soon as you become aware of them. 

Why it’s Important to Use a Professional For Shingle Repairs

A professional roofer will be able to do more than just a simple patch job on a missing shingle. Roofers are responsible for handling very large replacements as well as performing the smallest repairs on missing shingles. Hiring a professional roofer will make sure that the replacement shingles that are put in match the original textures and colors of your shingles. It’s also possible for a roofing installer to install new shingles with a disturbing area across your roof. If your roof is a series of other issues or leaks, these can be addressed through a roofing contractor inspection. 

If you have noticed missing shingles across your roof, contact us today for an inspection and repair process.