Myths About Roof Cleaning

Myths about Roof CleaningThe process of roof cleaning is often considered part of regular roof maintenance. Professional roof cleaning services are sometimes carried out by a roofing professional. There are a number of top myths that surround the idea of roof cleaning. If you have been avoiding the chance to clean your roof or use a roof cleaning service, here are some of the top reasons that you should not hold you back in cleaning your roof:

Roof stains are caused by pollution and dirt:

Airborne pollution and dirt can often start to stay in rooms over time but one of the most common reasons that roofs start to build up with debris or discolor comes from moisture. Moisture along your roof can often lead to algae and a series of streaks that can be difficult to manage throughout your roofing systems. Algae and other forms of moisture damage can often spread throughout other parts of your roof if they are left unchecked as well. 

Algae and Moss are only cosmetic:

Moss and algae can actually start to break down some of your roofing components. These are items that can quickly reproduce and they often consume some of the minerals that are found in your asphalt shingles. As your shingles grow more brittle, this can start to degrade the area around your shingle which can write them down and leave parts of your roof exposed. 

Moss and algae are a clear sign that you need a complete roofing replacement:

Unplanned roofing replacement can be quite expensive and it’s a needless expense if you’re just trying to get rid of some of the streaks along your roof. Professional cleaning services can help you quickly get rid of the streaks on your roof as well as illuminate the chance that algae and water damage could break up items in your roofing structure. Beware contractors that would suggest you need a complete roof replacement due to algae streaks. This can often be a tactic that many roofing contractors used to sell you more than you need.

It’s easy for you to clean your roof and anyone can do it:

Taking a DIY approach to your roof cleaning can often be a poor idea. The removal of algae or moss often requires chemicals and these need to be applied using a series of standardized tools for your safety. Climbing up on the roof can also be a hazardous practice especially if you don’t have experience or the proper equipment to protect yourself.

The chemicals from roof cleaning will damage your landscaping:

The chemicals which are commonly used for removing algae and moss are not corrosive materials. These chemicals can also be heavily controlled when they are handled by professionals. The chemicals used in roof cleaning do not have to cause damage to your landscaping features especially when cleaning occurs in a very safe and controlled manner. By working with a professional you can make sure that no extra damage is done to your landscaping.

You can use power washers to clean off your roof:

A power washer may seem like an excellent idea for cleaning off your roof especially if you didn’t want to get up on a ladder. Power washers are a product that is much better suited for washing down brick surfaces or concrete. It’s not highly recommended to use a power washer along a route as this can strip down the granules from asphalt shingles. Rather than washing your roof and protecting it, you’d be stripping it down of a protective layer which can be extremely problematic for your roofing structure.

We can offer a wide range of roof cleaning services for your needs. If you are in need of roof repair or cleaning Contact our company today and we can provide the professional touch that you need to keep your roof looking its best. If you had any reservations about the idea of cleaning your roof, keep in mind that many of the barriers for roof cleaning often come out as myths. By using a professional for your roof cleaning, you can access all of the benefits of a clear and protected roofing system.