Preparing For Roof Replacement

Preparing For Roof Replacement

A roofing replacement job is a project that often requires input on both sides from the homeowner as well as the roofing company. From the perspective of a property owner, it’s on you to prepare your house before any installer arrives. Once the roofers have come to your property it’s likely that you may have to coordinate and accommodate multiple activities at home. Proper preparation can make sure that the roofing process can go smoothly. Many people have questions about preparing for roof replacement. Here are some of the best ways that you can prepare for your roofing replacement and how to make sure that you can have a seamless roofing experience

Making Plans For Pets

It’s likely that your home is going to be a busy place on the days that people are going to be working. You could face a variety of loud noises, more traffic, and uncomfortable living space if you’ve got elderly people at home, kids, or pets. Expecting some interruption to your daily schedule by having a truck in the driveway where you are experiencing some noise can be important. You might also have to evacuate your home completely as you may need protective gear just to be outside on the job site. Talk to everybody that lives in your home and make sure that everybody knows the date that the work is going to be done. Consider re-accommodating pets so that they don’t get too stressed out on the day the work is going on and make sure that you can have a plan for concentration if you’re going to be working from home or around your home on the day of work. 

Allowing Access

The day that work is taking place on your property it’s possible that you might have to keep your driveway open for a truck or keep accessible for through traffic. Open gates and make sure that work crews will have access to the areas that they need to work effectively. Be ready to move out your vehicles to the road or find temporary parking so that the roofing crew can protect your vehicles and property from falling debris as well as have the closest path to your roofing system. 

Wall Décor

It’s likely that there could be quite a bit of banging happening along your walls and across your roofing systems. Vibration from machinery, movement, and hammering can sometimes lead to breakage with artwork and other items you might have on the wall. Only leave decorations that are securely attached to the wall. If anything could come down, it may be best to remove it before crews come in so that it can stay safe. 

Removing Outdoor Furniture

Properly clearing out outdoor furniture during the roofing process can be important. Move your patio to the shade or consider covering items so that they won’t be damaged under direct sunlight. Cover up the movable stuff and clear away your furniture as you can. You also may want to consider protecting your plants and flowers by marking out your flower beds and gardens so that the crew can discard roofing materials away from these areas. 

Trim Back Trees and Cut Grass

Long grass and trees can act as a barrier for crews that are going to be working on your property. If you have a tree with long branches or long grass, consider trimming up the grass or cutting back trees so everyone can work without losing equipment or dodging branches. 

Talk to your neighbors before the roof replacement process takes place as well. By letting your neighbors know that you’re going to have people working on-site, you can make sure that everyone remains safe and that they can create a plan for managing the noise on the day of work. 

Keep these ideas in mind if you are going to be replacing your roof soon. Contact us if you’re in need of a reputable contractor for your roof replacement.