7 Steps To Successfully Replace Your Roof

With the traditional residential property, it’s very important that a roof receives regular attention from the homeowner. It’s likely that most homeowners turn themselves towards other items in the home for regular repairs such as leaking faucets, a toilet that doesn’t flush, poor wiring, and more. Working with the right roofing contractor can make sure that a roofing system can be maintained and replaced as it’s required. Working with a group of well-trained contractors that you can trust will make sure that you get access to dependable roofing installation services using the right materials. In this article we’ll be talking about roof installation: 7 steps to successfully replace your roof.

Proper Pre-planning

Like any type of home improvement, proper pre-planning for your referral placement means taking a look at your roof and creating a plan for how the materials will be dispersed throughout the roof and the full process for replacement. Having a proper timeline for replacement and a strategy for how the work will be completed will make sure that you have a solid start date and an appropriate day for the finishing touches to be added.

Proper Property Safety

While anyone is on-site, your property also needs to be prepared accordingly. With any type of residential roofing service, a building needs to be adequately protected and the property needs to be cleared out accordingly as well. The right contractor will prioritize safety across the property and this means starting with trimming back plants, bushes, looking at Windows, tree siding, and more.

Removal Of Old Roofing Materials

Once the property has been properly secured, experienced contractors can begin by inspecting and removing old shingles as well as the wood decking from the roof. Most reputable contractors will not place new roofing materials over old ones and this will ensure that you always get the maximum strength out of the shingles that are placed on your roofing materials. The best residential roofing installation service will completely remove the old shingles and roofing nails as well as replace the flashing so that you can get access to the best roofing strength.

Preparing The Deck

After old materials have been removed, drip edges and preparation will take place to make sure that rainwater will not find its way below the new roofing materials. Preparing the deck with proper waterproofing will add extra strength to your roof and an extra layer of protection to guarantee the results.

Installation Of New Roofing Material

During this stage, the roofing material will be laid down meticulously and professionally. All shingles will be installed in a format so that they overlap and will appropriately channel water towards the gutters. Producing proper valleys and areas for water to flow across the roof can be crucial to maintaining processes.


After the work is done, a team of experts will thoroughly inspect the wood decking and make sure that the structure is completely sound. A post-inspection will also ensure that all of the shingles across the structure are well-placed and that the flashing is in place as well. Checking in on all of the nails and the labor at this time can help to prevent issues with craftsmanship early on after installation. Replace Your Roof

Cleaning Up The Site

A professional roofing installation team will then remove the waste from the job site and dispose of all items in appropriate receptacles. When you’re satisfied with the cleanup effort, the team will embark on a final inspection of the property to make sure that nothing is missed.

The most reputable roofing contractors will also offer labor guaranteed on the project. Make sure that you’re using a dedicated contractor that is committed to delivering the best experience possible to replace your roof. Contact our staff today to learn more.