Roof ROI: How Roofs Add Value

Roof ROI: How Roofs Add ValueWhether you are interested in improving the value of your home for resale or you would like to install a roofing system to improve the value of your property over time it is important to consider the overall return on investment that a roof can add to your property. A roof is a very important structure to your home and it can present a considerable value for your property. Here are some of the top ways how roofs add value to your home or property!

Making a Better Impression For Curb Appeal

Having a roof can stand is an excellent first impression for potential buyers. As soon as people arrive on your property there will be that initial first impression of your home. Seeing that you have a fresh roofing job will make sure that your home appears much more manicured and ready for sale. A bad roof that has fallen into disrepair can stand as an excellent sign that your home is not worth investing in. Proper roofing installations that appear brand-new can make for an obvious choice. 

Improving Energy Efficiency

A new roof job will also help energy efficiency. Newer roofing materials are far better than old materials on the market and they can lead to better insulation and reduced heating and cooling costs. Your rooftop installation can suggest to a new homeowner that they won’t have to adjust the thermostat as often and it’s unlikely that they have to worry about other issues with the home such as water leaks, mold and more. 

Shifting Focus Away From Other Troublesome Areas

If you have landscaping areas across your home that need work, items like paint that needs updating or a smaller kitchen, a new roof can serve as a focal point for value on your home. A new roof can shift focus as an investment to the structure of your home rather than another item that requires updates. 

A Transfer of Warranties

Having a new roof and warranty can be an excellent way that you can add value to the sale of your home. Warranties may come from your installer as well as for the manufacture of the roofing materials. When transferring over the ownership from your home, it is possible also to transfer over the warranty on these items to the new owner. This represents a considerable value for the future if you have a warranty that is going to guarantee the roofing systems for several months or years. 

Protection From Storms

A recent roofing replacement can also offer extra protection from storms in inclement weather. If you live in an area that is regularly affected by hurricanes and tropical storms, having an updated roof will show that your home is ready to take on the storm season with ease. 


Consider some of these top points and more if you would like to learn more about how your roofing system can add a considerable value to your home. Contact us today for more roof replacement information!