Roof Warranties: Are They Worth It?

Roof Warranties: Are they worth it?The installation of a new roof for your business or home can be a considerable investment and it’s likely one that you have to make every two decades. A roof does not last forever but many manufacturers offer a few warranties on their materials and a number of contractors will also offer extended warranties on their labor. It’s possible that you could protect your investment by using an extended warranty with any type of roof installation. If you’ve never considered using a warranty for your roof before, it’s important to consider whether or not it could be worth it for your roofing job. In this article, were going to explain if it makes sense to get roof warranties and if they are worth the extra money.

The Types of Residential And Commercial Warranties

The three main types of roof warranties that are available for commercial and residential use are the manufacturer’s system warranty which will cover defects in the materials and the labor, a manufacturers material warranty that covers defects in materials and then the contractor’s workmanship warranty which will cover material defects and labor shortly after installation. A typical commercial roofing warranty is a great way to protect yourself if a contractor installed faulty materials or improperly installs materials on your roof.

Most material warranties will last between 10 to 30 years for a failure. To get one of these warranties you’ll often have to write to the manufacturer to let them know about the defects. If the defect is a fairly common problem that can be proven to be at the fault of the manufacturer, they will provide a replacement. A system warranty usually lasts between 10 to 30 years and can cover mistakes with labor as well as the materials. 

Workmanship guarantees usually last between one to five years and they are issued privately through the contractor. A workmanship guarantee will vary based on the contractor that installed your roof and some contractors may be able to offer a more competitive style of warranty over others. Most roofing installers offer a bare minimum of six months’ warranty on all of the repairs and installations that they complete.

Can You Void A Roofing Warranty?

After buying a roofing warranty there are several reasons why a roofing company or manufacturer may choose to void your warranty. A warranty works almost like insurance and it can be completely voided if some of these following reasons are met:

    You participated in unauthorized repairs to your roof without preapproval from the warranty

    You allowed water to excessively pool on your roof before seeking repairs

    You did not repair ongoing roof damage within a specified period within your warranty.

    You failed to pay for your warranty under requirements.

    You did not provide ongoing maintenance for your roof

    You made a change of use to the building which added stress to the materials.

Any of these top reasons could potentially void your warranty. Most warranties require ongoing annual or biannual maintenance which is specified in the warranty information. Most warranties also require a professional roofing contractor to carry out this maintenance and perform repairs. This means that any DIY repairs could instantly void your warranty.

Will Warranty Cost Extra?

The overall cost of the warranty is typically included under a workmanship guarantee that there are extended options that you can use with the contractor. Choosing to extend the workmanship guarantee with the manufacturer could mean paying for an extra fee. Depending on the level of coverage that you may want, it is important to consider some of the costs that are associated with purchasing a roof warranty.

Cost Factors In Warranty Information

If you’re going to be paying for a roofing warranty it’s important to consider some top cost factors on whether or not it may be worth it to proceed with the warranty. Here are some of the top factors to consider when looking at a roof warranty.

    Are all materials covered on my roof?

    Do I already have a contract or a manufacturer’s warranty that’s covering me?

    Will the warranty last throughout the lifespan of the materials on my roof?

    Is there an annual cost of coverage required?

If you have any questions about roofing warranties or you would like to receive regular maintenance for your roof to meet the conditions of your warranty, contact us today to learn more. We can provide you with any ongoing assistance that you need in managing your roofing warranty and making sure that you can access the right level of maintenance to meet the conditions of your warranty.

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