Roofs are the structures used for covering the surface of a building. They can range from asphalt shingles to the aluminum sheets, and the wood shakes, etc. Here are six signs that you need a new roof!


Shingles are individual components used for roof covering. Shingles range from asphalt, premium and architectural with all having different durability ratio. Shingles posses a shorter lifespan in comparison to other roofing materials but nevertheless is one of the most commonly used around the neighborhood. When they start curling up, it’s time to get a new roof. Shingles curl in two ways, it’s either they cup or they claw. This can be caused by weathering. This could lead to breakouts and poor coloring, giving it a generally bad appearance.


An asphalt shingle, for example, lasts 15-30 years on an average. You should be able to tell how old your house is to be able to determine the age of the roof. When the roof reaches its durability limit, it starts to wear off. If you do not know the age of your house, you can try contacting the previous owners or notice if people living around you are changing their roofs, this could be a sign yours is due for changing.


If the sun is able to penetrate into your house through your roof, water, snow, and wind most likely will too. To be able to check this, you should probably go to your attic for a full inspection. If you notice water stains, chances are you have a leaking roof and should call the professionals right away.


Granules are an important part of a shingle. They help in shedding of water and reflects sunlight from hitting the asphalt. When they start falling off, this leaves the roof exposed to deterioration. You can inspect this by going around the house, checking floors and gutters for signs of fallen granules.


If your roof is sagging at a corner, this could be a structural problem. It could also indicate excessive force, water damage, old age, inadequate roofing materials, etc. When you notice your roof is sagging, it’s time to get a new one.


A few missing shingles probably wouldn’t hurt anyone, you might think. You might also think of getting new ones to replace them. However, shingles change color over time, and adding new shingles to your roof just gives it a generally odd appearance which isn’t exactly appealing to the eyes. Contact us today for more information on fixing up your roof! These are the most important signs you need a new roof, but there could always be something else!