Spotting Hail Damage on Your Roof After a Storm

Spotting Hail Damage on Your Roof After a StormYour roof is one of your most crucial systems and in order to keep your business or home safe and secure it’s important that you are able to inspect your roof after any type of inclement weather. Hailstorms can be particularly destructive for roofing systems and even though damage from a hailstorm may start as a fairly small issue, it can quickly become a larger problem. Being able to spot the signs of hail damage early can make sure that your home can be well protected into the future. According to statistics from the National Weather Service, there were over 687 instances of large hail events that happened in 2020 so far. Hail producing storms happen regularly across the nation and being able to identify the signs of hail damage can make sure that you can remediate the damage appropriately. Here are some of the top ways that you can spot hail damage on your roof!

Start From The Ground Up

Look for signs on the ground first and begin moving your eye line up towards the gutters, gutter screens and downspouts. If there is hail damage on your roof there’s also a chance that your gutters could be impacted as well. By moving your view from the ground up to other signs of damage you’ll be able to spot some of the easiest signs of damage to start with and then move to areas that might be more difficult to spot.

Check Out Your Windows

Taking a look at your window sills and window casings can be an important second step for looking for hail damage on your roof. Minor signs of damage can occur all along the sides of your home as well. As hailstorms often involve high winds, hail is likely to hit the side of the building and damage windows and siding just as easily as it can damage your roof.

Checking For Debris

Even if you don’t spot the signs of damage, debris could be a major concern as well. Check across your grounds for the signs of damage and debris, consider looking through the ground to see if there are pieces of roof shingles, siding or other items from your home that have been discarded into the area around the home. Looking for any residual damage such as asphalt from your shingles can make sure that you can check for other signs of damage that may have occurred.

Checking The Interior

Check your attic for the signs of a leak and do a quick search for any type of water damage along the ceilings. Damp odors and moisture can be a problem to look for that can be quite serious for your home. If you’re starting to see the signs of water, you should strongly consider replacing your roofing materials and working to contact a mold remediation specialist. Once moisture starts to make its way into your home it can be difficult to get it out of the internal systems of your roof.

Some Tips For Improving Inspection on Your Own

If you notice the signs of hail damage on your roof make sure that you take interior pictures of leak damage, send reports off to a contractor and work at submitting a request for fixing the damage online. Improving the lines of communication and giving contractors access to more information can speed the process of repairing your home after hail damage has occurred.

If your home or business has experienced some type of hail damage as a result of a storm, contact our team today! We are highly experienced in the process of roofing inspection and repairs and we can get your roof back up to its original condition after it has experienced damage due to a hailstorm!