Top Reasons to Not Delay St Pete Roof Repair

You should immediately call the Reggie Reed Roofing contractors if you see any damage to your roof. You should also inspect your exterior after major storms to check for damaged or missing shingles. You should call a professional St Pete roof repair company if you notice any problems with your roofing.

Your Energy Bills Are Likely To Rise

Heat transfer can also be possible through the same roof gaps that allow water to leak through. Your heated air will escape in winter. Your air conditioner will work harder in the summer because of the heat outside. This results in higher utility bills throughout the year and less eco-friendly homes.

It Will Only Get Worse

You may initially notice a slight discoloration to your ceiling. It will become more of a water stain as time goes by. Your ceiling may leak later on. The problem of missing or damaged shingles, gaps in shingles, and other issues will not go away on their own. The more you put off St Pete roof repair, the more damage you will experience. Your home could eventually show signs of water damage such as the following:

The more severe and extensive the damage, the more costly the St Pete roof repair will become when they are finally scheduled.

Mold Growth Can Be Caused By Water Damage

Toxic mold can be a nightmare for homeowners. Mold can cause illness in your household and pets. It can also make existing medical conditions worse like asthma and allergies. Mold spores are easily spreadable and can multiply quickly. Your home can become infested if it is water damaged. It is possible to have toxic black mold hidden behind walls or under wallpaper, but you may not be aware.

Pests And Animals Can Get Through The Roof System

Many homeowners believe that animals can only enter the roof and house through large gaps. However, mice can get through holes as small and narrow as a dime. According to pest experts, mice can even fit through holes the size of pencil erasers. If the gaps in your roof are bigger, you may hear squirrels digging around in your attic. Pests will be less likely to attack your roof if you act quickly.

Choose Reggie Reed Roofing

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You can choose from a range of services that will suit your needs.

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