What Roofing Is Best For Hurricanes

What Roofing Is Best For HurricanesIf you are looking for the best type of roofing materials that can stand up in hurricane winds, it is not always easy to know the best type of roofing that you should be choosing. As Florida can often be a place for tropical storms and hurricanes, it’s important for a homeowner to protect themselves with the right type of roofing material.

A roof can be one of the most important structures for your home and compromising your roof could lead to a lot of water damage, structural damage and more throughout your home after a hurricane takes place. If you are wondering what roofing is the best for hurricanes, you may want to consider choosing metal roofs for your hurricane preparedness.

A Metal roofing system today is designed to last for over 50 years. As well as being designed with extremely durable materials, these are extremely strong once they are installed in your home. A metal roofing system can be designed to withstand winds up to 160 Mph Weighted and wet shingles can often be a dangerous projectile when they are blown off a home and these types of roofing materials will not present the same issue.

These systems can stand up to a wide range of storms including the chance for hurricane-level winds. If you are in a hurricane-prone area, you’ll definitely want to consider installing metal roofing because it offers some of the best long-term protection for your home.

What Roofing System Is Best Installed In Your Home?

You may be interested in installing a different type of roofing material over metal roofing. Choosing the roofing material that you would like to install will come down to a point of preference. The overall longevity of the roofing materials comes down to what your preferences may be for a roofing option. There obviously many styles that you can choose as a Florida homeowner and some of the most common types of roofing include.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing stands as the premier option for protecting your roof against wind damage. Metal roofing systems have an excellent level of wind resistance totaling up to 160 Mph. These are systems that can withstand extremely high winds such as a hurricane. The Largest benefit of using metal roofing is that there is no shingles that will blow away and this can create no debris in the event that your roofing materials do blow away. Metal roofing materials also have a series of stylistic improvements that have lead to many homeowners wanting to install them in their homes today.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are surprisingly good in the event of a hurricane. They can withstand high winds of up to 130 Mph and they have an undeniable aesthetic appeal in the state of Florida. These roofing materials can often be extremely weighty and this is what gives them their durability for high winds. The only drawback is that in extremely high hurricane winds, ceramic tiles can be one of the heaviest roofing materials and they can often cause damage to your property and surrounding properties.

Natural Slate

Natural slate is an eco-friendly roofing material but it has a relatively low wind resistance. Slate roofs are often much heavier than other options and they can be more expensive to install. With a lower wind resistance, these items can be mostly for aesthetic appeal rather than for their durability and hurricane resistance.

Asphalt Shingles

As one of the most common roofing materials in the state of Florida, these items stand up to a reasonable degree in high winds. As common roofing materials, they are easy to repair and replace. The only downside to having these roofing materials in a storm is that when they are weighed down by moisture they can often be heavy projectiles.

How To Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

The type of roof that you install shouldn’t be the only measure that you are taking during hurricane season. As you are preparing your home for an incoming hurricane you need to make sure that your roof has appropriate items like hurricane straps or roof reinforcements. You can also work to secure your yard from potential projectiles and work to get a professional inspection to make sure that your property is well prepared for a hurricane event.

Securing your yard will often mean trimming the trees across your home, putting away any unsafe items like propane tanks and anchoring any items that can’t come inside. Boarding up your windows can also help to protect your home’s interior and make sure that your windows can be well protected from projectiles and high winds.

Consider some of these Top tips in preparing for a hurricane and choosing the right roofing materials for hurricane events and tropical storms in Florida. Contact us today if you are looking to get your roof hurricane ready.