Attic ventilation helps keep cooling costs low and prolongs the roof’s life span. It also makes your living area more comfortable. Poor ventilation of your attic can lead to higher electricity bills, mold, moisture damage, and poor indoor quality.

Myths Of Ventilation

While most homeowners recognize the benefits of proper attic ventilation, there are still many misconceptions. Reggie Reed Roofing will dispel all myths regarding attic ventilation.

  • Vents are only useful in hot climates

Contrary to popular belief, attic ventilation can be important in all climates. It will improve energy efficiency and prevent moisture damage. Proper attic ventilation is important even in cold climates.

  • Attic vents take warm air out during winter

True, heat rises to the attic and escapes through the vents. This is not due to the vents removing warm air, but poor insulation. Poor insulation on a roof can allow warm, moist air into the attic. This can lead to wood rot, and other problems. If your vents release warm air, it is likely that your attic ventilation is inadequate insulation.

  • Attic vents make a drag on your heating system

Many people are convinced that vents can cause heat loss and drag on heating systems. This problem is often caused by inadequate insulation, not attic oxygenating.

  • More ventilation in your attic means better

Not all ventilation is created equal. Excessive ventilation can lead to roof damage and leakage, as well as increased risk of flooding in the event that a hurricane hits. One square foot of ventilation should be added to every 300 square feet ceiling space. Too little ventilation can cause moisture damage.

  • Vents are not required for homes in cold climates

Another myth is that attic venting only works in warm climates. It can also be energy efficient. Ventilation is useful during cold seasons to prevent moisture damage.

  • All attic airing can be created equally

There are many types of ventilation systems. Some are more efficient than others, depending on the type of roof and your location. Gable vents provide passive ventilation, while soffit vents allow for intake. This means that air can be sucked back into your home. Ridge vents allow air to circulate continuously and are therefore more efficient than soffit or gable vents. To ensure air circulation in your attic, baffles should be installed on vents. Baffle installation may require you to hire roofing contractors in the Bay area.

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