It’s almost summer. Are you looking for a way on how to reduce roof heat in summer? First, let’s take a look at what a roof does. A roof protects you against the wrath of mother nature. Roofs are designed to protect you from rain, hail, snow, and other natural hazards. However, the sun and heat can also be dangerous. 

Understanding your roof’s performance is more important than ever with temperatures expected to rise every summer. Reggie Reed Roofing are experts in the roofing field and are happy to share our knowledge. You can beat the heat and save energy this summer by reading on and calling Reggie Reed Roofing. We’re always available to assist with roof replacement or installation.

Power of the Sun’s Energy

Our planet is blessed with a wonderful resource: the sun. Each hour, the sun gives off 430 quintillion Joules of energy. That is 430 plus eighteen zeroes! It emits 15 times as much energy as the entire human population consumes in a day. However, energy is not consumable. Instead, the sun emits radiation that is divided into UV, visible and infrared.

The majority of infrared rays are invisible and are not visible. They generate a lot of heat. They are invisible, but not perceptible. They can still cause damage to building materials, including roofs. The remainder is made up of visible rays.

Protection Against the Sun-rays

You can ensure that your roof reflects more than 80 percent of solar heat. This will keep your home cool in the summer heat by choosing the right material, coatings and colors. This results in lower cooling costs and energy savings. The Environmental Protection Agency supports this effort with its Energy Star label. According to the Agency, Energy Star-labeled roofs can reduce roof temperatures by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When choosing your roofing, it is important to consider winter weather. Reggie Reed Roofing’s roofing experts are available to offer a consultation about how to keep your roof cool. Contact us now for a consultation on how to reduce roof heat in summer.

Additional Tips for Heat Protection

It is not just the roof that keeps the building cool. These are other ways to maximize energy savings and heat protection.

  • Great eave ventilation systems and ridge ventilation systems ensure healthy airflow and consistent roof temperatures.
  • You must ensure that your insulation meets the standards of local building codes.
  • Reputable manufacturers offer strong warranties on high-quality materials.
  • Other potential dangers such as wildfire danger should be considered. For example, quality metal roofs will be able to carry Class A fire ratings.

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