Solar power is now more accessible than ever. The cost of solar panels has dropped thanks to technological advancements. Many homeowners now lease their panels, which reduces their energy costs and eliminates their financial responsibility. And to help further help reduce energy costs installing metal roof panels help with insulation and absorbing heat. Reggie Reed has all the information you need, read on to learn more.

GTM Research and Solar Energy Industries Association found that 2013’s third quarter was the most successful quarter for photovoltaic (PV), or solar, installations. The fact that homeowners appreciate this:

  • Utility companies pay homeowners to generate excess energy. They credit future energy bills.
  • The key component of sustainable homes and developments that strive to achieve net-zero or Passive House standards is solar power.
  • A PV system can earn LEED points directly and indirectly depending on how much of the building’s total energy use it will offset. This point increases with the addition of a cool metal roofing.
  • Appraisal Journal reports that every $1 saved by a solar energy system in a home increases its value by $20

These are just a few of the many benefits that PV systems offer, but there is another. Roof-mounted solar electric systems are only as effective and cost-effective if they are installed on a quality roof system.

Roof quality is important when installing solar panels

A roof that isn’t in its best condition can be used to build a solar system. It’s only a matter of time before the home’s structure will be compromised and the entire foundation-structural unit will require serious repairs and/or replacement. If you plan to move a home’s electricity system to a solar array, steel and metallic roofing options are the best choices.

The solar panels are held on racks that can withstand strong winds and extreme rain or snow. It is sensible to place them on a roof that can withstand the same conditions, has a similar warranty, and has a similar lifetime. However, the majority of American homes are made with asphalt or composition shingles.

These are not the best foundations for a solar system. This is especially true if it is retrofitted on a roof older than seven years. Roofing older than seven years are at risk of falling before the solar panel racks. Combining the cost of a roof replacement or renovation with labor costs to remove and reinstall the solar racks can lead to a large bill.

Metal roof panels work best with PV systems

These are just a few of the many reasons metal roofs are the best medium to produce photovoltaic systems.

They offer a better warranty match. Solar panels have a life expectancy of 20-25 years. Although long-lasting asphalt shingles may have a warranty of up to 20 years, this warranty is often void because it does not cover extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and high winds. They don’t typically cover labor costs for repairs or replacements. Additionally, major repairs and shingle replacements could require deconstruction and reinstallation of the array.

Metal roof panels are pre-engineered to suit the climate and needs of your building. They are usually as long as 40 years. Your roof will last longer than the solar panels. This eliminates the need to remove and reinstall solar racks or panels until they are replaced.

A standing seam metal roof panels can be easily fitted with racks. A standing seam metal roof is also known as a concealed fastener roof. The fasteners are hidden under the roof panels, which homeowners love. This roof is compatible with solar racks that offer fasteners that attach directly to the standing seams. Hidden metal roofs with rack locks that attach to the seams prevent water leakage or premature wear.

Laminates can also be installed on metal roofing. Laminates, which are thin-film solar panels adhered to roof surfaces by adhesive backing, are another option. They don’t produce the same amount of electricity as crystalline panels, but they can offset electricity consumption in sunny areas and homes that have a lot of south-west exposure. These systems might use a lighter rack system rather than adhesives. They can also be attached directly to the metal roof.

Additional benefits of metal roofs

Metal roof panels are a great option for eco-conscious homeowners who want to make their home more sustainable.

Additional energy savings – states that heating and cooling account for over half of household energy costs. Cool metal roofs can lower cooling costs up to 40%. To reflect UV rays back into the atmosphere, cool roofs have a reflective coating. Combining this reflective property with the inherent emissive nature of a metal roof, households can enjoy significant energy savings and reduced solar gain, particularly when combined with solar power systems.

Extreme weather resistance – Metal roofing can withstand strong winds, heavy snow and ice loads and hurricane force winds. GALVALUME is a special protective coating that makes metal roofs virtually impervious to water and UV rays. It also protects against environmental toxins specific to each location. Roofing made of metal manufacturers are happy to offer warranties up to 40 years because of this durability.

Energy savings

They are a great help in green building certification. Installing a cool metal roof can help you earn LEED points. However, that’s just one program that recognizes the environmental advantages of metal roofing products. Metal roofs can also be used to help you get green building certifications such as the National Association of Home Builders, Home Innovation National Green Building Standard (NGBS), and ENERGY STAR.

Have a positive impact on your life. The most sustainable materials available are steel and metal building products. They are made with a high percentage of pre- or post-consumer material and are 100% recyclable at the end. This is in addition to the fact that metal roofs can last up to 50-70 years, or more.

Before you go full speed ahead with your solar power installation, ensure that the roof of your home is in good condition. Installing metal roof panels is a good idea if you are building a new home. It is worth replacing your old roofing material if it is more than 10 years old.

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