All it takes is a tiny drip of water or stained ceiling tiles. A roof leakage is a nuisance to building owners and should be addressed before they become a bigger problem. However, they may not necessarily be coming from the roof. Although it might be from the roof, there are many other factors that can cause a roof leakage in commercial buildings.

  1. HVAC Units – Roof leaks are often caused by air conditioning units. A backed up condensate, a rusted out drain pan or an unsealed unit are all common causes of roof leakage in commercial real estate buildings. It is important to inspect the entire building for leaks and compare it with the mechanical units on the roof. This will help determine if an HVAC unit is the cause. Look out for missing screws or holes in HVAC units that allow rainwater to easily get into the unit.
  2. Wall Cracks and Wall Joints – If water seems to be leaking from an exterior wall of a building it could be due to cracks in walls, or bad mortar. Wall joints are a common source of water leakage in a building’s walls. This is especially true if the sealant around these areas begins to crack or deteriorate. You should always be vigilant about the maintenance of exterior walls.
  3. Plumbing from Roof Drains – As buildings age the plumbing and seals in a building is something you need to check regularly. Over time, plumbing seals can wear and deteriorate. There may be a problem with the building’s plumbing if a “roof leak” is found near a drain pipe or roof drain. It may require a thorough inspection by both a roofing contractor as well as a plumber to determine if the leak is coming from the roof drain bowl. If it is, a plumber will need to fix it. A metal retrofit roof drain may be an option to correct the problem if the leak is located at the drain bowl/pipe connection.
  4. Moisture and Condensation – When you walk into a cold grocery or controlled temperature environment, the temperature can cause significant moisture problems. This can lead to condensation and water vapors. This is mostly due to the design of buildings’ air cooling systems via pipes or ductwork that may be located up against the ceiling deck. However, it is often easy to spot. It is important to check if drips or stained ceiling tiles are appearing from ceiling areas that have ductwork or pipes. If this is the case, an HVAC technician may need to repair major problems in the insulation or function of the cooling system within a building.
  5. Foundation water Entry – Sometimes, a commercial building owner will find water in their building. The most common source of water in older buildings is through the floors or walls-to-ground areas. This could be the problem. Wait until there is a heavy downpour to see if the rain actually reaches the roof.The Dangers of Leaving Roof Leaks Unaddressed

Roof leaks and leaks thought to be from the roof are quite common in commercial real estate. However, it is a good idea to hire professional contractors who can inspect and sort out the various water entry points of buildings.

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