Roof Repair And Maintenance Guide For Spring

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Although April showers are said to bring May flowers, they can also cause damage to your roof’s shingles. This is why it’s a good time to inspect your roof for winter damage before spring storms cause more damage. This roof repair and maintenance guide will help you prevent roof problems from becoming serious. 

Roof Ventilation: 5 Answered Questions

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Roof ventilation is designed to keep moisture, hail, wind out of your home. Isn’t this a defeat for the purpose of the roof? It doesn’t. Without vents, moisture problems could occur in your home. Continue reading to learn more about how it works. Reggie Reed suggests you ask these questions about roof ventilation!

What Is Roof Underlayment And Why Does It Matter?

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Roof underlayment is crucially important to roofing, it’s a basic step in the process of building a reliable roof but nonetheless, important. Roofs are more than just shingles. Roofers refer to the layers below them as underlayment. Roof felt was originally meant to prevent the adhesive from contacting the roof’s base. However, it can do

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Roofing?

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Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Roofing? Owning a home can bring with it many costs. If you are like most homeowners you might ask "does homeowners insurance cover roofing?".The possibility that your roof might need to be repaired is one of the biggest dangers homeowners face. If your roof is damaged by a storm, or if

Homeowners Insurance Covers Roof Damage?

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Homeowners Insurance Covers Roof Damage?  Did you know homeowners insurance covers roof damage? Homeowners Insurance will pay for repairing your roof in the event that it becomes damaged or destroyed due to a storm or fire. A large percentage of residential roofing material becomes damaged from hail storms, high winds, ice, rain, or windborne debris.

Commercial Roofing In Tampa Bay

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Commercial Roofing In Tampa Bay The benefits of hiring a commercial roofing company to complete a job on your roof are many. Having a professional inspect your roof when it is first being built can help prevent future problems. They will be able to detect any shingles that are bent or torn, and they can

Roof Replacement Vs Recover

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Roof Replacement Vs Recover When the time comes for you to place a roof, you need to decide whether you’ll be removing old shingles or applying new shingles to your roof. Reroofing, roof recovering and roof replacements are all options that are available to homeowners. A reroofing job involves the process of repairing a roofing

Does Insurance Help Pay For Replacing An Old Roof?

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Does Insurance Help Pay For Replacing An Old Roof? There are many expenses that can come with owning a home. One of the greatest perils that many homeowners face is the idea that the roof may need work. Homeowners' insurance policies will cover the cost of roofing expenses should your roof be damaged in a

Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof?

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Roof? When taking a look at your home a small bit of maintenance can often be one of the best solutions to improving the appearance of your property as well as preventing the need for major repairs in the future. Putting off the need for major maintenance and repairs

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