A roof leak is something homeowners fear the most. Water is a perilous foe and will try to enter your roof. Water can spread throughout your home until it reaches the point where you don’t know how it got there. They can ruin your insulation, lead to black mold growth, rot wood and cause damage to your ceilings as well as your walls. It is important to understand what causes leaks, and how to fix them as soon as possible.

Root Causes Of A Roof Leak

There are 10 main reasons your roof could leak. If you are able to identify the problem, each one can be fixed. These include:

  • Your home’s age Shingles get old and tired as they contract and expand with temperature changes. They eventually become brittle and crack. They must eventually be replaced.
  • Although a brick chimney may seem indestructible, its mortar is made from water, sand and cement. It eventually begins to erode and crumble when exposed to the elements. Sometimes, patches are an inexpensive and quick fix.
  • Chimney flashing, a thin metal strip that is sealed and nailed in place, protects against water intrusion. This roof repair can be expensive at a few hundred dollars.
  • Although missing shingles can be easily replaced, it is nearly impossible to find the exact match. It depends on the pitch of your roof, so you might not notice it immediately. However, it is usually an easy DIY project.
  • The vent boot is made from plastic and fits around your vent pipes. It also works in conjunction with your flashing. It will eventually become worn out and need to be removed so that a new one is installed.
  • For years, animals and storms can leave traces of holes. Simply place a little flashing under each shingle, and then seal it with caulk.
  • Complex roof designs can be impressive, but improperly sealing them can lead to serious problems. It will cost more to repair depending on how complex the architecture is.
  • Gutters that are clogged won’t transport debris away from your house. It will cost you between $100 and $300 to have them cleaned, depending on how big the job is.
  • Skylights can be beautiful when properly fitted. Their rubber seals and glass can become cracked over time. Professionals should be able to fix cracks in the skylights and flashing. Sometimes, the skylight may need to be replaced.
  • Shiners occur when roofing nails are too far away from the rafter and protrude in your attic. This can cause small drips but can also lead to serious problems if left untreated. You will need to repair your roof, and you may also need to insulate your attic.

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