Roof ventilation is designed to keep moisture, hail, wind out of your home. Isn’t this a defeat for the purpose of the roof? It doesn’t. Without vents, moisture problems could occur in your home. Continue reading to learn more about how it works. Reggie Reed suggests you ask these questions about roof ventilation!

  1. What is roof ventilation?

If there is no ventilation, hot air will build up in your attic. This would make it difficult to cool your home in the summer. Hot air can also create moisture that will not be able to escape the attic. It can build up on your roofing and insulation, causing damage.

  1. Is roof ventilation a good way to reduce the energy efficiency of my home?

Do you need to install more roof vents? If so, can you expect to see a decrease in your energy efficiency and a higher cost to heat or cool your home? No. Florida is likely to experience a slight improvement in cooling efficiency. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to remove the hot air from your attic. Although you won’t see huge savings, you might notice an improvement in your comfort.

Yes, in winter, warm air can escape through roof vents. This is a good thing, as it prevents moisture from destroying your insulation. It will also improve your energy efficiency.

  1. Why can’t I see any vents on my roof?

Vents are very rare on a roof. They are usually hidden from view when you look at the roof from below. There may be ridge vents, or vents built into the roof’s ridge. Soffit vents are located under the roof or along the edges of the white vinyl panels. There may be intake vents that look like aluminum foil balls peeking out from the roof.

A vent may be visible above your roof, which might look like a pipe and a cap. These vents are for plumbing and add ventilation to your pipes, not the attic.

  1. Why have my vents stopped working?

You’ve lived for years without any moisture issues in your roof. Now they are there. What’s the problem? Sometimes, debris can get stuck in vents, preventing them from working. It is possible that the new insulation has blocked vents.

  1. Is my roof ventilated enough?

This question can be answered by a professional roofer. The slope of your roof and the size of your attic can be used to calculate the ventilation requirements for your attic. Your roof should also have equal exhaust and intake vents.

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