Over a decade in the roofing supply industry, I’ve heard countless odd roofing questions. While I’m sure there are many others, some of them will remain unique.

Question 1

The first question I was asked when T-lock shingles had been discontinued was “What are you going to do? I only need two shingles?” Although I encouraged homeowners to get in touch with their insurance companies to see if they are eligible for a new roof, I was frequently asked. Can I cut them from another type of shingle?” I think the answer is yes. However, it will be a tedious process. Roll roofing is what I recommend. It used to be called 90#, but it’s now known as slate-sealed roll roofing. I think you will regret trying this if you have more than one or two.

You might also ask, “Can I just cut shingles to make the ridge?” It all depends on what shingles you have. 3-tab shingles can be cut for the ridge. Many other shingles don’t work as well as ridge. It is faster and easier to buy the right ridge shingles. There is also the issue of starter shingles. There are many reasons why you might need starter shingles. In most cases, the code will require it. The asphalt adhesive is a thin strip that seals the shingles and prevents wind uplift.

Roofing Questions 2+3

The next two roofing questions are ones I will combine. “Can I get purple shingles?” and “Can my roof be painted to change its color?” There are no purple shingles made by any company. And she really wanted “Barney”, the dinosaur-colored purple. Although metal roofing can be purchased in purple, it will likely not be a standard color so you will have to pay more. Although I don’t know of any paint that will stick to asphalt shingles exposed to severe weather, I have never sold it. If there is, I’d question its compatibility with the composition of the shingle. However, painting will invalidate the warranty. Although there are flat roofing coatings designed for asphalt-based roofs, the design of shingles makes it difficult to achieve good coverage and adhesion. Although I did find an article on the subject, I have never seen it used.

Question 4

Similar but not the same “My painter put paint on my shingles. What should I do?” As you can see, it is unlikely that the paint will stick for long and eventually will flake or fade. I don’t know of any paint remover that can remove paint without damaging the shingle. This is where Murphy’s Law kicks in. Paint will not stick to your roof and will remain there forever if it isn’t what you want. One website I found claimed that you can remove paint, and gave instructions on how to do it. If you try this at home, please be careful. This is not something I’ve tried and therefore I cannot recommend it.


There was also the customer who was angry that we had put shingles on the roof and it was raining. We were asked to put a tarp on the roof so that they wouldn’t get damaged. Seriously??? Seriously? News Flash! Shingles are weather-resistant, so you won’t be worried about them being on your roof.

People have created roof designs using different types of shingles and different colors. This can actually be quite cool depending on how it is executed.

One man thought he didn’t need nails because self-sealing roofing shingles were available. Because they failed to adhere, he called the warranty company. I spoke to the representative of the manufacturer who went out to investigate this claim. The claim was denied. Every shingle package comes with specific instructions for nailing. Failure to follow these instructions can result in your warranty being voided.

Another guy started on one side of the roof, then went up and over with shingles. Then he switched sides and installed shingles on the back. This is because he returned the ridge shingles and said he didn’t need them. These shingles are also not covered by warranty. They will not pass inspection. There is also the possibility that an inspector may injure himself laughing at this.

These are just a few reasons why we recommend that you hire professionals to roof your home. If you don’t have the time or the desire to hire someone to do the job, read the instructions on the package.

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