Your landscaping and front door design is not enough to make your house attractive. Every detail matters, right down to the roof shingle colors. You want people to stop and stare at your house. The color of your shingles can make a big difference in how your home looks (not to mention the envy of your neighbors).

The appearance of your home is not the only thing you should consider. The roof shingle colors can have an impact on how efficient your home is in terms of energy consumption. The bottom line? My friends, choose wisely. Do not take the shingle selection lightly. Although it may seem small, it is a major decision. We are here to help.

How To Choose Roof Shingle Colors

How do you choose the right shingle color to match your home? These are three easy steps to help you feel confident about your choice of roofing shingle colors.

Step 1: Get Some Samples Of Roof Shingle Colors 

First, get samples of shingles from your roofing company. There are many brands and styles of roofing shingles. Once you have narrowed down your options, you will be able to get samples of all types in different shades.

Step 2: View Your Color Samples At Different Times Of The Day

You need to consider the lighting conditions that occur throughout the day, as well as how they can impact the appearance of your shingles and the overall appearance of your home. You can take your samples outside in the morning, afternoon, and evening to check how they look in your home. Do not worry if neighbors ask you questions, because your main concern is to implement your shingle envy plan.

Step 3: Choose The Style & Color For Your Home

It is important to match roofing shingle colors with the siding color and style of your home.

  • You should ensure that the shingle color you select matches the existing or planned color scheme. The shingles should be slightly different from the rest of the house and tied together with shutters, accent trim, or front door for best results.
  • Consider how much of your roof you can see. If you have a sloped or high-pitched roof, it is likely that your roof has a lot of shingles. To keep things balanced, don’t go too dark or bold with your color choices.
  • Consider what style matches your home the best. A trendy color may not be right for a house built in the 20th century. Consider the unique architectural features of your roof, such as turrets and skylights. A shingle color that enhances these elements is a good choice.
  • Blended colors and patterns are not recommended. These shingles can add charm and character to houses with solid colors, but they can also clash with houses that have a mixture of brick and stone.

What Else Should I Consider When Choosing Roof Shingle Colors

We get it. You’re not quite ready. After you have completed the three easy steps, here are some other things to keep in mind before making your final decision about your roofing shingle color.

  • Get to know your neighborhood. Check out if there are Homeowners Association rules that may limit your shingle colors. It is possible to make a bold statement or increase the resale price of your home.
  • Stay cool (or warm) while you carry on. Your home’s heating and cooling costs can be affected by the color of your shingles. How much can your shingles’ color affect your energy efficiency efforts? It can even affect the temperature of your attic by up to 40 degrees. Before you decide on a color, here are some things to consider:
  • Shingles in lighter shades reflect sunlight better and help to keep your home cool.

There’s more to energy efficiency than just the color of your roof’s shingles. Insulation is essential to keep your home warm and cool in winter and prevents air from escaping. Good ventilation is equally important. It allows air to flow, bringing in cool and releasing warm air, to maintain regulated temperatures.

What else can make a difference? You choose the roofing material and the company that you use!

Finding The Right Roof Shingle Colors

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