Gutters are an essential part of the overall health and well-being of your home. If you are diligent about maintaining them, they will do their job: protect your roof, siding and foundation. Even though vinyl and metal gutters can last many years, there are still problems that can happen. Once they do, you need to address gutter repairs quickly and efficiently. 

These questions will assist you in doing so.

Did you clean your gutters recently?

Your gutters are your first line defense against damage to your home. If your gutters become clogged with debris, it can cause problems in other areas of your home. This is the reason gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year, once in spring and again mid-summer. You may need to clean your gutters more frequently if there is a lot of heavy foliage. It will be easy to tell when your gutters need to be cleaned. Water will begin to accumulate around your foundation, and then overflow your gutters.

Are your gutters sagging?

If your gutters are beginning to sag , you will need gutter repairs. You should act quickly to prevent further damage. This could lead to your fascia board becoming rotten or your gutters falling apart completely. Sometimes, you just need to replace the hardware holding your gutters up. Other times, it could be that your gutters don’t fit your home’s needs so you will need to have them replaced completely.

Can you see any leaks?

If water is escaping from your gutters but they aren’t blocked it could be because there is a leak at one of the joints or in between sections. These can usually be repaired or sealed, but if you have a weak spot, additional gutters repair is required.

Are your gutters damaged?

You can see signs early that your gutters may be damaged.

  • They can look peeling or have orange flecks in your gutters, which is a sign of standing water.
  • Gutter repair is needed if you have standing water or mildew around your foundation
  • Water damage or water marks under your gutters can indicate that water is escaping.

Are your gutters properly positioned?

Your gutters should have a slight pitch (approximately 1/16″ per ft) towards the downspout. However, this is not something you can see by simply looking at your gutters. If water is accumulating and there’s no blockage, it could be a problem. You will need pitch adjustment work to correct any problems with the installation or settle your home. This is a precise and delicate job.

These signs will indicate that it is time to have your gutters repaired. You can trust Reggie Reed Roofing to handle this job for you. They have done it for many satisfied customers over the years with our roof repairs and roof replacements.

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