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Clearwater Commercial RoofingAt Reggie Reed Roofing we work with a series of businesses across Clearwater Florida, Tampa and the surrounding area. It is our goal to offer a wealth of support for commercial roofing services and maintenance. Our team specializes in working with a number of small and large businesses and we have experience providing roofing assistance to churches, multiunit housing communities, small offices and more.

The team that we have in Clearwater is capable of servicing a large area and we have a number of commercial roofing clients that trusts us for their ongoing maintenance and repair needs. If you are in need of roofing support in Clearwater Florida, here are some of the top services that Reggie Reed roofing can provide:


The staff at Reggie Reed roofing can provide ongoing assistance with all of your ongoing commercial repair needs. If you are having issues with patches in your commercial roof or there are problems with drainage across your property, we can come out and perform an assessment as well as develop a plan for repairs.

We want to work around the opening hours of your business to make sure that you can remain open with minimal interruptions. It’s our goal to provide quick repairs when working with any commercial client. Contact us today and we can prevent downtime for your business by working efficiently and using the best materials for each repair job.


At Reggie Reed Roofing, our team can provide assistance with ongoing and scheduled inspections. Minimizing downtime with your business means remaining proactive with your maintenance. Having regular roofing inspections can be an excellent way that you can prevent the need for roofing repairs. Our team of professional roofers can come out to your location regularly and check on your roofing systems to make sure that you have a lesser chance of experiencing mold, structural damage and more.

Our commercial roofing team in Clearwater can take recommended actions based off of our inspections and make sure that your business remains well protected into the future.

Emergency Repairs

Our commercial roofers in Clearwater are available for on call services. If your business has experienced a shut down due to problems with your roof, contact us immediately. If you’re dealing with an ongoing leak or there has been structural damage done to your roof from storms or an accident, we are available for assistance today. We want to make sure that your business can remain open by performing immediate repairs. We have some of the finest repair materials on the market and skilled roofing experts. We can perform emergency repairs to make sure that you can keep your business open.


With our regular maintenance packages, we can perform ongoing tasks that can preserve the lifespan of your roofing materials. Whether it’s regularly cleaning out your gutters, assistance with cleaning roofing tiles, help with your drainage systems or just a simple inspection, we can provide ongoing maintenance improvements for your roof to make it more efficient. We want to ensure that we can fix any potential issues with our maintenance packages. Rather than facing a series of water flow issues or problems with roofing membranes, we can make sure that your heating and cooling costs can remain at optimal levels with our Clearwater commercial roofing service.

New Roof Installation

Our commercial roofers in Clearwater Florida also specialize in the process of new roof installation. We want to identify the ideal roofing materials that would be well-suited to your industry and choose the most aesthetically pleasing choice for your business as well. We want to ensure that any fresh installation for your business can reduce your energy bills over time. The materials that we install can create a lasting look for your business and reduce ongoing maintenance for your roof over time. Our contractors in Clearwater Florida want to offer the finest in craftsmanship to make sure your business can enjoy a roof with less maintenance and the longest lifespan.

Roof Coatings

Our Clearwater commercial roofing service specializes in a number of roof coatings that can help you cut down on your energy bills. Regular application of our cool roof coatings can help you with regulating the temperature inside your business. We can apply a wide range of roof coatings that can change the aesthetics of your business while helping you manage your energy bills. Contact us to apply new roof coatings or to touch up your current coatings.

If you would like a quote on any of our top Clearwater commercial roofing services, contact Reggie Reed roofing today. We are working with a wide range of businesses across Clearwater Florida and we want to provide your business with the best in commercial roofing support as well.

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