Although roof condensation may not seem as serious as a leak, it is still something you should be aware of. Continue reading to learn about roof condensation. If you understand the causes of this problem, it can be prevented.


When the outside temperature is higher than the indoor, condensation occurs most often. In such circumstances, the warm, humid air inside the house rises and condenses underneath the roof before it drips down. But, just the temperature difference isn’t enough for condensation to occur. Here are some additional conditions that can encourage roof condensation.

Inadequate insulation

Good insulation acts to create a barrier between indoors and outdoors or between temperatures. How well insulation is done depends on:

Insulation is more important in colder regions than it is in warmer regions. If the insulation is not adequate, the roof’s underside will be too cold to allow condensation.

Venting problems

Roof condensation is caused by warm, moist air coming in contact with a cold surface. This allows the air to escape through roof venting. You must be careful not to let too much air out of your house. This can cause energy inefficiency and reduce the efficiency of your home.

It is difficult to vent the house without sacrificing energy efficiency. If the venting is not adequate, condensation is almost inevitable, especially in the winter. If you don’t have enough vents or something blocks them, the same problem can occur. Weather disasters and pests such as birds can cause damage to the vents.

High humidity

Because it is lighter than cold, warm air will always rise. Condensation won’t happen if the air is very dry. Because extremes of either too much or too little humidity are dangerous, you need to find a delicate balance. You must maintain the proper humidity levels in your indoor environment, regardless of how humid you are trying to make it. High humidity can be caused by:

  • Drains that are slow or blocked and allow for standing water
  • Leakage or dripping of plumbing fixtures
  • Indoor cooking
  • Indoor laundry and clothes drying

You might not even notice high humidity until it causes a visible problem.


Roof condensation can be more than an inconvenience. It can also cause serious problems to your home. Here are some examples of roof condensation problems.

Roof damage

Condensation accelerates your roof’s deterioration. Remember that your roof may not be completely sealed. This means that some humid air can condense between the layers of roofing materials. This condensation can cause damage to roofing materials through rot, corrosion and pest infestation (moisture attracts insects). The roof may leak over time.


Mold growth is encouraged by moisture, so condensation could lead to mold growth in your home. Some types of mold can be harmful to your health.

Aesthetic concerns

Condensation can also negatively affect the attractiveness of your home. Condensation can cause damage to your house’s paint job or streaks of discoloration on the ceiling.


Condensation and its effects don’t have you living with it. To determine the source of condensation, you need to contact the professionals at Reggie Reed Roofing. Sometimes, what you consider condensation may actually be a leak.

After diagnosis, you can address the source of the condensation. If the problem is insufficient insulation, you can fix it. You want to make sure that roofing damage is prevented before it happens.

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