Are you in need of roof repair in St Petersburg Florida due to a roof leak? Are you worried about how old your roof might be and whether it will withstand the next storm? Reggie Reed Roofing is the right choice if you answered “yes” to any of these questions. Our highly trained team is the Bay Area’s top roofing experts and can inspect your roof for any signs of damage or weakness. We can repair your roof quickly and prevent further damage from happening.

Common Problems with Residential Roofs

We begin by inspecting your roof for any signs of damage. The chimney is our first priority when inspecting residential buildings. It has multiple layers of flashing which have a high risk for water leakage. You will also find the following problems in close proximity:

roof repair St Petersburg Florida

  • Skylights
  • Plumbing vents
  • Gooseneck vents
  • Valleys
  • Wall flashings
  • Aprons for gutter and eave
  • Fascia and the soffit

Our Process

Each part of your roof protects your home from the elements. Strong winds and the stormy season on the Gulf Coast can make your roof more susceptible to rain infiltration. We’ll inspect your roof if you suspect it has been damaged.

  • We will inspect your asphalt roof for missing or damaged shingles, and any nails that may have backed off. It’s amazing how much water can leak through a small hole in your roof caused by a shingle nail.
  • We will inspect your metal roof for failures in fasteners, seams or flashing, and offer a solution to stop water from leaking in.
  • You can quickly identify any cracks or sliding tiles on a tile roof. Corroded areas and deteriorated underneath payment can also be identified.
  • We will inspect your flat commercial roof for cracks, bubbles or any other signs of a leak.

Our professional roof repair in St Petersburg Florida services can quickly address all of these problems. If your roof has suffered extensive damage, we will likely recommend a complete replacement. However, this is only recommended if absolutely necessary. We are honest with our customers, and we will offer the best service for your roof.

Reggie Reed Roofing also repairs roofs on homes, which is a difference from other roofing contractors. We have the expertise to perform any roof repair in St Petersburg Florida and commercial roofing systems.Residential Roof Repair

The Bay Area’s Local Roof Repair Company

Reggie Reed Roofing is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. For over 50 years, Reggie Reed Roofing has been the leading roofing company in the Bay Area. It will be difficult to find another local roofing contractor who has the same level and commitment to exceptional workmanship. Call us today for a free estimate and proposal on roof repairs. Contact us today to get roofing repair or installation, and be sure to check out our 5-star reviews!