Gray hairs and wrinkles are two obvious signs of age that can be seen in the mirror. But what about your worn out roof? If you’re aware of what to look out for, you can expect them to show signs of aging just like us. What happens to your roof over its lifetime? Let’s take a closer look.

When Your Old Roof Was New

Remember when the roof was first put up? Sweet memories. Your roof was still in its initial glory. However, a roof’s rapid aging phase known as “curing”, which lasts for two years, occurs when it is new.

It’s common for shingles to lose granules and curl during this phase. There may also be some blistering. But don’t panic. It’s all normal. As your roof settles, stabilizes, and becomes more durable against severe weather, it will look like this.

When Your Worn Out Roof In Its Middle Age

It’s amazing how fast time goes by, right? Your roof will begin to age slowly and gradually over the next few years. This is what we call middle-aged. However, in the roofing industry, it’s called the “incipient phase”.

Your roof has been in good shape for about 10 years. It is doing its job, protecting your home and keeping you warm and safe. It’s not the time to be complacent.

Maintenance is a priority during this phase. Regular inspections are essential to identify any signs of a midlife crisis. This includes missing or torn shingles and the need to replace them. Your roof’s lifespan will be extended by addressing minor issues promptly.

The incipient stage might show signs of aging such as granule loss and cracking, or areas that look a little weathered. Life is good for now.

Worn Out Roof Is Close To The End 

Your roof will begin to age rapidly after about 20 years and you’ll notice signs of deterioration. It has been exposed to all types of weather and is now weakening and breaking down, much like when we age. Heck, it can even go bald! These are signs that it is time for a goodbye. You may also notice these signs that a new roof might be in order:

  • Flashing that is rusted or damaged
  • Excessive loss of granules (and those pesky spots with bald spots!)
  • Cracked, curled or buckling shingles
  • Areas that are dry
  • Layers exposed
  • Moss grows on Shingles
  • Water damage on ceilings inside your home
  • Light entering the attic

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