Because roof damage can often lead to structural problems, it is an important component of your house. It is important to identify areas that are most susceptible to roof leaks in order to prevent future problems. This article will examine four areas of the roof homeowners should inspect for potential problems. Let’s fix your roof with Reggie Reed Roofing!

1. Chimneys

There are many components in a chimney that can leak. The chimney cap is a cover made of metal that stops rain from getting into the chimney’s top. The chimney cap may become brittle over time, allowing water to enter the metal.

The mortar joints around the chimney can crack or become loose over time, which allows moisture to get in the house. Flashing, which is the protective metal strip at the bottom chimney, is another component that can leak. The flashing can become loose if the fasteners become exposed to the elements, or become worn and rusty.

2. Valleys

A roof valley is an area on the roof where the two roof planes intersect at a right angle. Metal flashing is sometimes used to prevent moisture from getting onto the roof sheathing. Valleys are susceptible to leaks. Extra roofing felt may be applied under valley shingles by roofers for additional protection.

To prevent leaks, roofers may use a specific technique to lay shingles in valleys. This is called a closed valley. It involves gluing the shingles from the two roof plans together so that water cannot get underneath them.

3. Vents

An important part when you fix your roof are the vents. A roof vent is an opening in the roof where a pipe or other component enters the roof. It is located at the top of the house. A roof stack, also known by its common name, is the most common type. Plumbing vents allow dangerous gasses from the plumbing system safely to escape the house.

Roof vents are usually covered with a rubber boot at the bottom. This prevents water from getting into the connection between the vents and the shingles. It can leak if the boot splits or cracks due to weathering, or any other reason.

4. Eaves

The roof eaves is the area of the roof which extends beyond the walls of the house. The roof eaves also include the fascia (the vertical boards below the last row shingles) and the soffits (the horizontal boards under the projecting roof).

The gutters are another important component of the eaves. To avoid moisture problems, gutters should be securely fastened to fascia boards. Water can leak onto fascia boards and soffits if a section of the gutter is loose.


Clogs are another common problem in gutters. Clogged gutters can block water flow and cause damage to roofs and fascias.

These potential problems should be monitored so you can identify them before they become major. These areas may need to be monitored closely, and this can require you climbing up onto your roof. This is not something that many homeowners feel comfortable doing.

Reggie Reed Roofing

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